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Another attempt: Olya tries to raise one leg high, to the head, the second to stand on tiptoes.
So her hole will be as high as possible above the stand.
She tears off one leg from the stand, raises.

With each movement, Olya feels this terrible member in herself.
Here she stands on one leg, almost in a string, the benefit of flexibility allows.

She holds her second leg at the height of her head.
Lifts up on toes, the free hand clings to the base of the cola.
She stands like a gymnast, but naked and with a metal phallus protruding from the vagina, which seems to support her.
Olya tries to “withdraw” again, but no, nothing comes out of her.
She wants to check how deep she is impaled on a stake, she lets go of his base and tries to insert a finger into her hole.
At first it seems to her that this will not work, because the member is too thick for a 16-year-old girl, and here we have to try to shove something else.
But she is in pain.
She feels that part of the phallus that is inside her, feels that the finger has reached the head of the metal member.

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Thrust her finger deeper, she can no longer, and she pulls it out.
Since the fact that it is longer, then no matter how hard you try, do not get off.
The girl lowers her leg, gets up as before.
She is very excited from all this, so he reads masturbation again, soon ends.
Fear, arousal, slight pain in the stretched vagina – all mixed up in a young pleasure seeker.
All her thoughts are now about what is between her legs, and how to get off this one.
She looks at the stick she dropped on the floor, she seems so close.
But Olya can not bend over her.
And in order to reach out with her foot, then somehow grab her fingers and lift her, she needs to drop more on the stake, which is very painful.
She tries, the slender leg reaches for the stick, but then she feels the pain inside.
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