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Someone from the other soldiers could not resist.
Dropping the clothes, he came up from the other side of the bed and pulled the victim’s head towards himself.
Ignoring the grumbling of a friend who leaned forward after her body, the man lifted her a little higher, forcing him to look at himself.

She saw a tense cock right in front of her face, for the size no longer allowed them to call their organs more decently.
“Caress me, sugar you.
ours, ”the soldier said, forcing her to open her mouth.
When between her lips penetrated his thick powerful scion, Kia tried to squeeze her jaws and bite him to hell, but her suppressed body could not even do that.
With difficulty moving the body strangled by the male trunk, the girl moaned.
Laughing, the soldier began to move her head, forcing him to do blowjob.
She complied, because the resistance forces left.
Her lips slid on his dick, and with difficulty tossing and turning her tongue heightened the rapist’s sharpness of sensations.
So they had it together, ending almost at the same time.
Then there was another one who decided to start playing “a train in a tunnel” and put his cock on her chest, squeezing it with her breasts and blissfully dragging them back and forth.
Then for some reason he began to drive a cock on her face, trying to hold her lips.
Then he moved down, began to rub the organ on the soles of her bare feet.
Then he drove the head for a long time on the inner surface of her thighs.
And only then stuck to her in full and began to fuck roughly, grabbing her tits and calling dirty colonial whore.

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When he frantically rammed her pussy, Kia thought that the freak would certainly break something inside.
The tears were long gone, leaving only the ever-growing lump deep inside.
Com humiliation.
Nothing broke.
Came one more.
With him the second.
The first one sat down on top of her and, opening her mouth, thrust a member into it, the second began to fuck her, forcing his limp legs to twist around his waist.
While one was riding on it, like on a horse, the second was planting a member of the girl in the throat from above, forcing him to cough.
These finished quickly.
Two more came.
They made her sit up, holding her head, put two cocks in her face and forced her to take both by mouth.
Kia nearly broke her cheeks, holding two huge snags in her mouth.
They fucked her in the mouth and moved away, giving way to the next.
It turned out quite a lot.
They shoved her in her pussy, ass, mouth, throbbed cock between her breasts, rubbed their heels and ears with shoots.
Someone thought of starting to unscrew her nipples, causing new moans.
Soldier in a big way Drali enemy scout.
They literally stuffed her fair body with their organs, which before and did not know sex properly.
Perhaps this

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svezhachok and excited them so much.
Finally, each of them has already finished violently on her.
All spattered by enemy sperm, Kia was neither dead nor alive.
Crying eyes staring at the ceiling.
The soldiers scattered on their beds.
She just lay around a broken doll, abandoned by a mate.
Uh, gang! – finally, someone’s voice came from the door.
– What happens? Yes, we are here to indulge with a spy, Corporal! – It was the voice of a giant, the first who raped her.
What?! – threatened shouted a new melodic baritone.
– What are you, really fucked up, freaks ?! Easy, Kurolesov! – answered the giant.
– This is the order of the colonel.
Teach her wits.
Yes, in the ass such teachings! – Kia felt someone lift her out of bed and put a rough soldier’s jacket on her shoulders.
A confused face of an unknown soldier appeared in front of the girl. Lesbian webcam chat room.

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