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She did not remove my hand.
I am emboldened.
My hand moved lower.

And so I climbed under the skirt and touched her pussy.
Ira only breathed more often, and her legs tightened slightly.
I began to caress through her panties.
My hand felt her pussy.
It got wet there.
Want to touch me? – I asked her.
I wake up.
Ira looked at me with surprise, and I, as if nothing had happened, took off his shirt, unzipped his pants, and op.
Ira did not have time to figure out how I stood absolutely naked in front of her.
Her eyes were wide open and focused on my dick.
I came close to her.
You can touch it, caress.
Ira carefully took my

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standing member in his hand.
She began to masturbate him.
Play with my testicles.
She began to touch them with her other hand.
It became very good.
I imagined that if I’m done, I’ll finish right in front of Ira.
No, it would be too much for her, and decided not to stop yet.
May I lie with you and undress you.
You said that nothing will happen.
And nothing will happen.
We just touch each other.
Do not you like it? Well, only I will undress myself.
I lay down, and she got up and began to undress.
A moment and she stands before me absolutely naked.
The breast is quite small, and on her pussy, hairs appeared a little.
We can say that they were not at all.
Even Herta, with whom we played with Yulka, had even more hair.
But for some reason, this even got me more.
She lay down next.
I caressed her breasts, and her tender, pinkish pussy.
She jerked me off member.
Ira breathed louder and louder.
I felt her tender bump in her pussy.

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I caressed gently, as Julia taught me.
I realized that Ira would end soon, and decided to sit between her legs, that would be better to consider.
Of course, I did not forget about Julia.
The camera was located on the computer in such a way that it should have seen everything.
I sat down and continued to caress Ira.
She bent legs.
Yes, I really liked her pussy.
Pink, slit smooth.
I with one hand spread her slits to the sides, and the second continued to caress the clitoris.
Then I pulled her legs right up to her head.
Her head was among her bare feet.
My eyes had a beautiful ass.
Her brown hole beckoned me to touch her.
I touched it.
Then I naslyunil finger and stuck it Ira in the ass.
Not deep.
On the floor of a finger, and began to drive here, here.
Ira finished, while she moaned so loudly that I almost was afraid I didn’t hurt her.
All is well.
Ira lowered her legs and looked at me.
Did you feel good? – I asked.
Ira responded only waved her head.
Jick me, I asked, and lay down on the bed.
This time, Ira sat between my legs.
She began to caress me with her hands.
I was already over-excited, that I did not have to persuade to finish for a long time.
I finished.
Ira all this time looking at how I finish, and only when I finished, she removed her hand.
When Ira left, I immediately contacted Julia.
Well, how? She asked.
Have you not seen? We both finished so cool, just a thrill.
Not two, but three.
Have you forgotten me? I, too, famously finished, looking at you.
I especially liked how you put your finger in the ass.
Cool invented.
Ira immediately finished.
By the way, I also stuck my finger in there, and you know, it’s so much more pleasant to finish.
Every hundred.
I already thought you would fuck her.
No you what
I promised Ira that I would not touch, but to be honest, because I don’t know how to do it right.
I am somehow scared, – I said.
Sasha, you know what you need to learn.
Or do you think it’s too early for you? No, I do not think so.
Only I will not touch Ira.
No, Ira is not your assistant here.
You need a professional.
For sure.
You need a good prostitute.
Dear, and that would teach you everything, – suggested Yulia.
And what, probably, is a good idea, you have to try. Julia was not appeased.
Sasha, bold.
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