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and when we both have jaws, and we, having sucked in plenty, both get tired of this occupation, Sanya – it is Sanya! – again takes the initiative: looking at me

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with a crazed, darkened buzz from his eyes, he will exhale hotly: “Let’s do it in the ass.
Come on in the ass! “, and I, looking at him with the same dazed eyes, and no longer pretending to play the fool, will immediately respond:” I am you first.

I met Egor on the Internet, I was 43, he was 31, but I did not look older than him.
I am already an elderly person, although since 18 years I have been interested in sex with guys, but I could not dare to do it.
He – uni and bi, from his youth had sex with guys and girls.
We corresponded for a long time, chatted on Skype, saw each other several times, he stopped by me to work and I went to him.
But bye all did not reach.
And that day I decided to have a love meeting with him, I liked him very much, I liked him too.
With the hope that something will work out today, I prepared myself: I did an enema several times, bought condoms and went to work for him.
He worked in a private barber shop, and on that day he had almost no recordings.
By 10 am, his clients had already ended, and he closed the blinds on the windows and the door with a key, no one else had to come.
Egor offered me coffee, we drank, sat on the sofa.
None of us could go to the point.
Since he was more experienced, he said he wanted to kiss me.
“Well, finally!” – I thought, and we started kissing.
Needless to say, we immediately became agitated, an incredible shiver ran through me.
I could not believe that the dream of almost 30 years began to come true.
Egor asked if I wanted to try, without listening to him, I suggested doing a mutual blowjob in position 69.
We lowered pants and pants, lay down on the sofa and began to do blowjob to each other.
I learned from him, as he did, I repeated after him.

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I was ready to finish first, warned him, he did not react, so I thought – I want to swallow.
And so it happened, I finished the first and he swallowed everything.
Now it was my turn to taste his cum.
When he finished, he pushed my head deeper into his penis, maybe that’s why I swallowed his sperm, almost without testing it, but it did not seem disgusting to me.
One of my desires is fulfilled! I was on top of bliss.
I wanted to continue.
We decided to take a break, he lit a cigarette, we discussed the impressions, he made comments, but I was still pleased.
After 10 minutes, we kissed again.
Excitement came immediately, I was shaking again.
I thought further, which of us will be the first in a passive role.
Egor realized that I was completely without gomopoty and decided to first show how to do this with guys.
We completely undressed.
I lay back on the sofa, he lifted my legs up, and began to lubricate my hole with some kind of oil.
I was just shaking almost in convulsions.
Egor gently developed my point.
At first, one finger settled there, then two began to pass well, then he put a condom on his unit (it was 18-19 cm in size, but not thick) and put it to my ass.
Is it all with me.
Slowly, the Egorov member mastered me.
It was magical! I forgot about everything, lay and enjoyed these unforgettable sensations.
Egor stepped up the pace, and I was getting closer to the top of bliss.
And here I am rolled wave after wave and I finish, without even touching up to my member.
This is the first time for me, I was delighted.
After a while, Yegor furiously finished.
For a few minutes we lay still, then exchanged our impressions and went to wash.
The hair salon was made of a two-room apartment, so the bath remained.
There, in the bathroom, we again began to kiss.
And it was my turn to take the place of an asset.
We went back to the sofa, and now, “trained”, I dictated what Egor should do.
I put it on my knees, bent over and fell in behind.
I thought it would be more convenient for me, then we changed positions, I wanted to see his eyes.
Throwing his legs on my shoulders, I fucked him, that was urine.
And here I am again discharged, now in prezik.
He asked to help him come too, and I fell down on his beautiful body.
I liked to suck dick.
And the second time in a day I tasted his pleasant sperm.
We again lay motionless, joyful and contented.
So I thought I should have waited 28 years for the dream to finally come true or not? Can someone answer me?
– Girl, can I meet you? What do you tell me to answer? I seem to be short-haired, quite clearly dressed, but I still hear this question from time to time.
There is a classic idiotic formula in response: “I’m not a girl.”
It is I who am going to pronounce it, turning to the side from which this not-sober voice came. Livejasmin old site.

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