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Masters of sex season 4 episode 2 watch online.
Then he slowly began to lower Olga into the mare wedge with jerks, directing her so that the wooden pin would fit into her vagina.
In such a way, having put Olga on the pin, he had a snack on the legs, strengthened her ankles in the shoe.
Ties on her thumbs, he tied to the ring, strongly pulling his fingers down.

Olga’s hands tied behind her back were behind the pillar.
He removed the fire hose-clamp from Olina’s chest and let him pass between her tied hands.
He turned on the winch and raised Ole’s arms, almost as high as his head.
He took a few steps back, as if enjoying his work.
– Sit down, I’ll go for the ramrod.
– with these words he came out.
Ksenia tried to say something to Olya, but nothing but mooing did not work out.
Olga had never been tortured before, she was never beaten.
Very quickly, she felt that it was becoming more and more painful to sit.
A kidnapper appeared with a ramrod in his hands.
He walked around Olga several times, patting his arm lightly.
Then he suddenly hit him hard on the foot.
If Olga could jump – she would jump to the ceiling in pain.
She screamed wildly, so that the gag did not drown out her scream.
With each blow, bright red bruises appeared one by one, then by the other foot, on the feet.
After beating her feet in the blood, the executioner left.
Olga did not even understand when she pissed.

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A little regaining consciousness, she saw a puddle spreading beneath her.
Pain in the perineum was unbearable.
At some point, she lost consciousness.
From her

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unconsciousness brought a sharp smell of ammonia.
Seeing that she came to herself, the kidnapper again began methodically beating her feet.
Olga lost consciousness again.
And again she was brought back with ammonia.
All this time, Ksenia tried not to look at Olga’s torture.
At some point the executioner saw that Xenia closed her eyes.
– Xu, we did not agree.
I try, and you do not look.
– With these words, he repeatedly shoved Xenia with a stun gun.
– as I see that you close your eyes you will get a discharge.
Next time I’ll stick you in the crotch.
After a couple of hours, when Olga almost did not react to sal ammoniac, he took it off the machine in the same way as he had hoisted, again tightly tied her legs with a tie and tied them to her hands.
Without a pause, he repeated everything exactly with Xenia and left the girls for about an hour.
When he returned, he began to beat the feet of Xenia.
She didn’t scream, only quietly groaned with each blow and, as it seemed to Olga, who had to look at the torture of her friend, very quickly, to the chagrin of the executioner, passed out.
He brought her to her senses, but not for long.
– Oh, you bitch, pretending! – with these words, he hit her feet several times.
Visible reaction was not followed.
This went on several times.
As a result, Xenia’s feet were still broken into the blood.
In the end, he stopped the execution with the words – tomorrow we will continue – When he had almost removed Xenia from the “mare”, she suddenly opened her eyes – She came to herself, bitch.
Early I took you down.
Well, don’t wait on your cuddly legs.
I will make you stand on this concrete floor and as you start to sit down, I will beat you with a stun gun in your pussy – With these words he lowered the hook, loosening the clamp on which Xenia was hanging. Masters of sex season 4 episode 2 watch online.

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