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Despite her rather bright appearance, the young wife showed restraint in bed, did not particularly waste her petting, though she did not shy away from marital sex.
So they lived a period, quietly coming to the threshold of some kind of satiety debugged and quiet family life.
They had no children – they decided to wait with them.

33-year-old Sasha was generally pleased with his wife, although sometimes there were trifling squabbles between them, which made Inna once again inflate her scarlet full lips.
Did she cheat on him? Sasha could not vouch for one hundred percent, but was inclined to believe that his wife was true: she did not allow herself to become suspicious, and, judging by her, sex was not very important to her.
Inna has appeared – fresh, smelling with some pleasant aromas that perfume women when leaving the bathroom.
When the wife stooped to snatch the necessary things out of the bag, a wave of desire came up again to Sasha.
Already very appetizing looked elastic buttocks, and he strongly wanted to immerse his excited cock in the wet space between her legs, now covered with a narrow strap of translucent panties.
As if she had guessed the intentions of her husband, Inna

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straightened, mischievously glanced at him with the eyes of her emerald eyes, shook her head.
“Sasha, you have to get ready, you better go, rinse yourself,” said his wife, twirling her skirt and dress with concentration.
When her husband returned from the bathroom, Inna was already dressed.
A light, light skirt that reached almost to the middle of the thigh, a pink blouse, through which bra laces were peeking, summer high-heeled shoes were effectively accompanied by the magnificent, chiseled figure of his wife.
Hair gathered in a curly tuft from behind opened a tender long neck.
The charming smell of French perfume followed Inna with a pleasant train.

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An energetic flame burned in her eyes.
– Well, I’m ready, – Inna made a spectacular circle, which is why the skirt fluttered high, revealing first a female mound between her legs, hidden in thin panties, and then wonderful hemispheres of her ass.
Of course, my wife immediately attracted everyone’s attention, especially two Sasha’s friends.
Valery, well-known at the Lovelace course, did not take his eyes off the woman, and his friend Zhenya showered compliments as if from a cornucopia.
By the way, he always managed to quickly move on to his own, absolutely friendly relations – moreover, with everyone.
Those who spoke with him for more than 5 minutes immediately felt as if they had known each other for a thousand years, and quickly switched to a confidential wave.
Zhenka used this successfully – both in work and in relations with women.
And now he dismissed his peacock tail, enchanting Sasha’s wife.
And he succeeded: Inna already laughed at his perilous anecdotes, for granted she perceived the rather close distance that had formed between her and Zhenya.
Sasha vividly communicated with fellow students, and for a while lost sight of his wife.
After some time, he paid attention to her: Zhenya was telling something enthusiastically, she listened with interest, and the quick hand of the man was already resting on her round knees.
Then we went to the park, to the restaurant.
Under the influence of alcohol and a generous summer sun, the people completely liberated themselves, forming small companies, wandering from one side of the table to the other.
Sasha again left his wife in the care of Eugene, going to the opposite corner.
And stuck there thoroughly.
When I returned, I saw Inna, sitting between Valera and Zhenya.
Judging by the way her wife’s ears turned red, and how she looked at Valera with admiration and curiosity, Zhenya, obviously, talked in colors about the victories of the famous Lovelace.
– And here is our happy husband! – proclaimed Zhenya, however, making no attempt to give place.
But then he offered a glass filled to the brim.
We drank.
Sasha reached for a plate with a snack, and accidentally dropped a napkin from his hands.
“I will raise, I will raise,” Zhenka hurried up, and, completely uncomplexed, climbed under the table.
The tablecloth on the table was not long, and the guys, it seems, used this repeatedly: the high-slung light skirt of Sasha’s wife did not in the least interfere with the viewing of her charms.
The husband decided to verify the correctness of his assumptions, and also sank under the table.
Yes, the spectacle was a real gift for connoisseurs! Between the tight thighs of his wife – a modest triangle of almost transparent strings, tightly fitting her crotch. Md0 bongacams.

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