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As Rebecca’s screams inflamed my lust even more, I decided to introduce my niece to a new kind of painful sensations.
Putting a long needle to the girl’s nipple, I aimed carefully and with one blow I put two strained buds on this peculiar twirl at once.
Unable to scream, Rebecca fell onto the pillow and began to shake in the spasms of orgasmic pain.

In order to prolong the “pleasure” of a beautiful woman, I squeezed her lovely sexual lips and pierced them with a second sharp needle.
Despite the fact that the girl begged for mercy and pain, her eruptions suggested the opposite – Rebecca undoubtedly enjoyed herself, but did not want to admit to herself.
Dirty little bitch flowed like a whole regiment of soldiers whores.
The previously substituted wine bottle was almost half full of secretions, and despite that I laughed pretty.
– Just lovely, my beauty, – smiling, I said, – Come on, get rid of false modesty and shame.
Pour out of your depths lust accumulated over many years of chastity.
Believe me, falling into the abyss of debauchery will be incredibly enjoyable.
It is difficult to start, but by taking the first step, you will forget the way back.

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“Such cruelty is monstrous,” my poor girl screamed with the last of her strength, “Your sister was a model of virtue, love and tenderness always emanated from her.
You, you.
just disgusting.
Like a dirty female animal, you copulate with everything that moves around.
You are tainted by debauchery to the very depths of the soul, which means that you are not standing and memories of my poor mother.
In response to such a long philosophical monologue, I just smiled gently.
Since Justin again got her mouth on my current hole, I patiently uttered.
– My dear beauty.
Your absurd delusions are very nice, but extremely erroneous.
In fact, every man hides in his mind the sprouts of animal enjoyment.
Your mother was not an angel either.
All her piety was a hoax.
Where was it when six of her drunken friends for three hours at the same time raped me in all holes, and your mother looked at the violence in the most obscene and drunken state.
Moreover, my pious sister voluntarily masturbated members of the rapists, watching with pleasure as their seed pours into my open hole! Only the next day, sobering came to her.
It was after this vile act, because I was so small, she became pious and pious

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However, nothing passes without a trace.
I loved what these disgusting people tried to teach me.
I accepted lust with all my heart and now I am ready to go to great lengths in order to satisfy it.
– Lies, all lies.
I don’t want to hear that, ”Rebecca shouted back.
“I will not run away with you in my rightness,” I replied briefly and reached out with my fingers for the vaginal ball, which still rotated in the depths of the unfortunate. Nude women home webcam.

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