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Who needs to know how I went to the toilet, what did I eat for breakfast? I didn’t want to pour out my feelings on paper either, although this is completely at odds with what I advise myself.
My name is Alexander Margulis.
I am 29 years old.

By profession a psychotherapist.
Logic, extrovert, beta leader.
During my short practice I met different people, sick and not so much.
I often had to make notes and notes, but rather quickly I coped with mental illnesses and human complexes.
Old and young, men and women, frightened and embittered – they all found solace and relief in conversations with me.
Everything happened always smoothly, easily, as according to the textbook, to the case described below.
Patient – Elena Kozhevina, single, 24 years old.
Presumptive diagnosis: nymphomania.

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There are no physiological reasons for this diagnosis.
I also began recording this case because it was the first in my practice.
I attach an excerpt from the first recording of our conversation.
My comments are in brackets.
(voice recording number 1) – Do you mind if I turn on the recording? – Not.
Everything is good.
(Keeps confidently and strictly) – Please, if it is not difficult, voice again to record what is bothering you.
– I believe that I have nymphomania.
– Hmm.
Do you have any prerequisites for such conclusions? – Only in the last week I had about 15 partners.
Sometimes it was just 2 people.
I can not stop – I always want to.
Do you doubt my words? “Nymphomania is a disease, I just wanted to know what made you think of it.”
– Doctor, see, I.
I always want sex.

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(At that moment, the patient turned red) See, doctor? I have this.
– Do not worry, I understand.
Tell me, Elena, are you able to control yourself? – With difficulties.
I want it very much now.
I imagine that instead of all this psychotherapy, you are putting me on cancer in front of the table and fucking the whole session, filling your entire expensive room with sperm.
(I understand that nymphomania is a disease, but I confess that her words began to turn me on.
Terribly unprofessional) – Elena, your ailment has long been described.
And perhaps you have already read about the causes of this disorder.
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