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Real life hidden camera sex.
I almost choked on a member of a friend, while Sasha was fucking and slamming my ass.
He continually touched the prostate, and felt like an anal orgasm, reinforced by a drug.
Some time passed, and Oleg took his boy out of my mouth.

I was surprised – because he had not finished yet? – but it turned out that Alexey had just finished, now his sperm was added to the puddle on the floor.
Oleg started with the same thing Alexey did – he shamelessly pawed our common slut Valeria, twisted her nipples, felt her hips and put palms on her ass.
Soon he got tired of it, and he finally decided to fuck her.
He tried to lift her leg to get to the wet pink treasure chest, but he could not do it.
Then, having a little recklessly, he brought a long strong rope from my closet and began to tie Lerina’s ankles together.
– What are you doing, you can’t get to your pussy like that ?, I asked and took up my dick sitting on Sasha, who, in turn, was sitting in the chair. Real life hidden camera sex.

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