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Sex and the city season 2 episode 3 watch online.
Tengiz, meanwhile, saddled Katya on his back and brought his not fully excited cock to her lips: – Come on, suck.
She didn’t even have to say this, she herself, like a hungry little gal opened her mouth and stretched towards the head.
The hairy Georgian moved his ass right along my wife’s breasts, flattened by his weight, lifting her head with his hands and rhythmically driving her dick into her mouth.

Turning to me, Tengiz said: – What are you standing for? Lick her pussy and jerk off myself.
I greedily licked again from excitement the flowed out juices of my wife’s vagina and jerked myself.
Jerking off with frenzy, looking at the huge ass Georgian, unceremoniously located on such a favorite and tender body of my Katya.
I was so excited that I immediately finished.
Tengiz was so surprised that he even stopped: – Are you already all? What a quick hubby you have, ”he grinned, banging his cock on Katya’s lips.
“I just got overexcited,” I tried to justify my embarrassment, because before that I had never finished so quickly, except in childhood.
– Are you transported? This is good, therefore, it is pleasant when your wife is treated as a whore, and she also likes it.
Okay, go, take a look.
He said, namely, wash yourself, and do not wash yourself, like some woman, but I swallowed it again.
Disgraced, this is not to clarify the relationship.
When I got out of the shower, Katya was on all fours, and Tengiz was fucking her from behind by alternately thrusting her cock in her vagina, then in her ass. Sex and the city season 2 episode 3 watch online.

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