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Oh well, have fun, more abruptly than my Andrew.
The brunette was kissing me, but so passionately, mmm, I felt that they were not stroking my back from behind, it was probably brutal, but he, because he was cheerful offered to transfer our entertainment to the bedroom.
() Brunette picked me up and carried me to the bedroom on the bed.

He threw me on the bed, began to undress, while he was taking off his clothes, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he turned on the video camera, but he didn’t even take off the brutal one, he unzipped his pants, and lowered them, even without panties.
In an instant his dick was in a slightly elevated state near my face, I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and first licked it, from and to, then took it in my mouth, tried to shove it as deep as possible, choked, reduced my efforts, continued to suck it, I felt I was approached from behind, and I had to change my posture and lie down with crustaceans, I continued to diligently suck a dicky member, and behind me two fingers first penetrated my hole, then three, and then a member penetrated there, which was hot and hard and big.
Brunette fucked me, patting the pope, sometimes stroking the back.
I caught the rhythm, and I felt good, I felt as brutal tensed, and released my seed into my throat, licked the remnants, I spent a languid look around the room and saw that the funny person who shot everything on camera transmits it to brutal, and goes to me, he quickly takes off his shirt, pulls off his jeans, and now he is in front of me, a couple of phrases, and they decided to change and stir up a sandwich.
I’m gay, I put on him, he inserts me for the most not indulge, and my handsome boy is attached behind me, and without cream, without lubricant, just smearing my ass with saliva, enters there without any preludes, and we start, like a few awkward movements pick up the rhythm, and fuck together.

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I feel an orgasm approaching, and I move faster, and then the brunette ends up in the ass, I feel it and start to beat in an orgasm, and my other partner ends right there.
But they don’t let me relax, they both shove me in the mouth, give their members a lick.
I take turns licking them.
I see that the brutal camera is put there, probably where the shooting will be good and without his participation and approaching us, this time the brutal lies down, grabs me and puts ass on himself, since there is a lot of lubrication there, and it is convenient for me and not painful to move , he pulls me with all his strength, and caresses the clit, and the brunette fucks me in the mouth, fucks me, deeply and quickly, not letting me relax, and in addition I jerk as fun as I can, getting off the pace, but that’s okay, I still I feel he likes.
Brutal can not stand cums and again in me, in the ass.
Throwing me off, he wipes his dick on my hair, and leaves, probably in the bathroom.
And cheerful is attached behind and fucks me in turn, then in the pussy, then in the ass, cums on the back.
And also leaves.
We stay together, I and the brunette, he is also nearing an orgasm, but decides to check out my boobs in action.
He lays me on my back, and sits on me, and leads a member between the boobs, and I try to pick up the member with my tongue, and here he is on the edge, I open my mouth, and close my eyes, he pours me with his hot white stream, from the chin to hair.
I collect all this from my face with my fingers and lick it off.
Having taken a bathroom, they give me my little things.
– This is our first time, but not the last, you do not want to repeat it yourself, we will make!
Maggie and Margaret, two beauties with Hollywood smiles and sports figures, pulled me on their huge members, namely the members.
Stringy, long, every thirty centimeters penetrated my holes for the entire length.
Not so long ago, I learned to swallow Maggie’s dick completely, she was my personal deep-throat trainer, and Margaret, having a fierce ardor unlike her girlfriend, stretched my rectum with multi-speed

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