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“When did you cook it?” – I asked.
My sister sat opposite me.
“I had enough time today,” she said.

– Open the wine? I uncorked a bottle and poured wine over wine glasses.
Oleska raised a glass.
“For tonight,” she said.
We clinked glasses and drank.
– Come to me, – said Olesya.
I happily sat on the narrow sofa next to my sister.
Oleska took the wine glass in her hand and leaned back.
– Are you hungry? – asked sister.
“A little,” I replied.
“Then eat,” said my sister.
I gladly made a salad and washed it down with wine.
Oleska sat with a thoughtful look and looked towards the door.
I poured myself some more wine and began to watch my sister.
A few minutes later Olesya turned her head.
“Let’s go to the gym,” she said very tenderly, “we will listen to the music.”
“Of course,” I said.

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I poured full glasses of wine, and we went to the hall.
I sat on the sofa, my sister bent down in front of the music center.
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A slow melody, a saxophone and a guitar sounded.
Oleska closed the curtains and stood in front of me.
She bent her right leg a little and put her hand in her side; she extended her other hand to me.
I got up from the couch and took my sister by the waist, Oleska put her hands on my shoulders and we slowly circled around the room.
When the song ended, we stopped, my sister laid her head on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around her back.
The exciting aroma of the sister hovered in the air, I was captivated by it.
Played the second song and we continued to dance.
I lowered my hands and began to stroke Olesya’s ass.

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She clung closer to me, until the end of the second song.
When it was over, my sister reached out and we started kissing.
Hands, I continued to explore the ass.
– Do you have a girlfriend? – Sister suddenly asked.
“My only girlfriend is you,” I said.
Olesya smiled happily.
– Why do you have no one? – I asked.
Oleska raised her leg and put her knee in my groin.
“Now I feel good with you,” she said, “and for now, I don’t need anyone.”
Is it all serious here? Oleska looked at me inquiringly.
I was very embarrassed by her gaze.
I did not want to lie to my sister, but I did not want to hurt her.
“I don’t know,” I said, “let everything go on as usual, and then we will see.”
And let’s not talk about it today.
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