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– Well, now you get used to it, you’ll ask again, whore! – Lesha growled.
He untied my hands and turned me over on my side.

Lifting one leg to me, he again put the member in my ass in that position.
“You’ll be an anal slut, little one,” Lesha snapped, and slapped me on the ass again.

– Ay-ah! Not.
– I moaned from the last forces.
But it was difficult to hold the untied hands, and I soon reached out for my juicy kisochka.
With all my strength I began to pull at the clitoris and sexual lips while Lesch was hammering my butt.
– Yes, yes, fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! – I screamed already really.
– That’s it, slut! Now you’ll give everyone, ”Lesha growled.
– Yes, more, more! – I moaned, podmahivaya and pulling the clitoris, and at the same time, huddled in a sweet orgasm, clutching Leshin member of the buttocks, who immediately pulled me in the ass.
I still had time to see the frightened face of Lena, who was throwing herself away from our door, before closing her eyes and falling into a sweet weary after a powerful orgasm.

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After this incident, Lena and I finally talked about sex and about our relationship with Lesha.
She admitted that she always masturbates when she looks at or overhears how we fuck, and that she herself has wanted real sex for a long time, but is embarrassed.
I talked with Lesha, he confessed that he was looking at his daughter as a girl.
Since then, we began to invite Lena to our bed for the night and often had sex with her and then with her.

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readers! In this article I will tell and even share a little experience as I tried anal sex for the first time in my life.
It all started with the fact that I no longer enjoy the pleasure of vaginal sex, but never engaged in anal.
I don’t know why I stopped having fun, I don’t really care because when I tried anal sex, everything else seemed to me nonsense.
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