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“Well, we can assume,” said Christina, her head was thinking about something, or someone.
“What are you thinking about,” I asked, when we started to enter the club.
“Oh, nothing,” she said, clearly lying.

“You just seemed to leave me for a moment,” I said.
“Yes, I disconnected for a second,” she admitted.
– So what were you thinking? – I asked – Honestly, nothing, – she said, trying to hide her obvious thoughts.
“Everything is fine, dear, if you don’t want to share, you don’t have to,” I said sadly.
“It’s just embarrassing,” Christine said, her expression showing uncertainty and embarrassment.
– Honey, you want to know my secret? – I asked, trying to force.
trust her completely.
“Of course,” she said.
“When I was your age, my roommate and I were mistresses,” I said, and added, “Although, in truth, she was more of my animals.”
– Your animals? – Christine asked doubtfully.
“Yes, she did everything I told her,” I explained.
– sexy? – Christine asked, not fully believing in my secret.
“Yes, she obeyed without hesitation,” I explained.
– In everything? – Christina continued to ask questions, trying to understand the full scope of the presentation.
“Yes, for example, one of her roles was to climb under my sheet in the morning and wake me up with my tongue,” I said, adding, “This is truly the best way in the world to wake up.”
“I imagine,” Christine laughed, and said, “Mom, you kept so many secrets when you were young.”
“I still keep a lot of secrets,” I added, continuing to implement my plan.
– For example? She asked, swallowing my hook, along with the sinker and the line.
“I hope to stir up today with one submissive little lesbian,” I revealed.
“I thought you never heard of this place,” she said dubiously.
“I didn’t know until Misha told me about him,” I confessed.
“Misha told you about a lesbian club,” she said, pausing almost after every word.

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– I told Misha.
Both of my children are already adults, and I don’t hide anything, ”I said.
“It seems so,” she laughed.
“You will be my escort girlfriend,” I asked, grabbing her arm.
– Why not? This day will not be weirder, said Christina.
“Fine,” I said, taking her hand in my hand and we went to a new adventure.
Once inside, I looked around.
“My God,” I whispered.
“Indeed, my God,” Christine whispered back.
The club was only half full, but it already looked like a buffet of women.
Different ages, in beautiful clothes and almost all very attractive.
Several dozen women danced on the dance floor, women drank margaritas or other cocktails at several tables, but the most shock was to see two young girls kneeling next to the table, they had collars attached to leashes that the old woman kept at the table.
“For the first time here,” said a voice.
I turned and smiled, looking at a very beautiful woman who was not yet thirty.
– Is it so noticeable? “Newbies always freeze at the entrance as they pass through the door and make a first

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look at the world, which they always imagined,” the woman explained.
“I guess we look like some kind of tourists with cameras,” I joked, Christina, who, as a rule, was always able to speak, is now completely speechless.
“As tourists, I suggest you go inside and find a table to enjoy the atmosphere,” she said, “by the way, my name is Marina.
– Hello Marina, I am Katya, Katya Raevskaya, and this is my humble bitch Kristina, – I introduced us, squeezing Christine’s hand, as I understood, if I hadn’t appropriated her, then these predators who now viewed us from the hall would eat her .
Christina’s eyes widened, but she said nothing except: – Nice to meet you, Marina.
“Me too, my bitch,” Marina smiled, shaking Christine’s hand and presenting herself as a lady.
“It was nice to meet you Marina, but we have to find a table while there are still free ones,” I said, wanting a little loneliness to explain to Christina why I called her so.
– It is better to take one of those, – she pointed to a few tables that were a little away from the dance floor, – From them there is a very good view of everything that happens in the club.
“Thanks for the advice,” I smiled and impulsively added, “Join us later, have some cocktail, if you wish, of course.”
“I think that I will come,” said Marina, strongly shaking my hand.
When we held hands to the table, she asked: – What was it? “I’ll explain everything when we sit down,” I replied, gently squeezing her palm.
“Okay,” she said, with a slight hesitation, again obeying my order.
After we sat down, the waitress took our orders and we were left alone, I said: – I did it to protect you.
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