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Yes, my dear, my dear, my good, fuck me! – I moaned.
And he earned like a jackhammer.
I’m no longer holding back squeal with pleasure, podmahivaya ass.

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member! Suddenly a member jumped out of me, but did not come back.
– Well! – I begged.
– Do not stop! “Turn around,” Anton demanded.
I executed his command.
The guy, taking me by the ass, lifted into the air.
Realizing what he wants, I threw my legs around his torso, and sent a member to my already fucked hole, and put my arms around his neck.
– All is ready.
Spreading his legs slightly bent, the ladies’ man began to fuck me in the air.
He lifted me and lowered to the penis with force, and with each blow inside me a ball grew, woven from pleasure alone.
From my screams, probably, not only ours, but also the next hostel woke up.
Sticking into the guy’s lips, I sucked his tongue.
And so the ball exploded! The eyes darkened.
I dug my nails into Anton’s back, groaning a long time.
Such a buzz, such a pleasure, I have not experienced! Forces left me, the body was beating a big shiver.
The guy threw me a couple of times like a rag doll, stuck a dick into my ass, and froze.
– My God, what was that! – I moaned.
– Anton, dear, I want more! “Quiet,” he said.
– I’m finishing.
And true.
I felt his cock pulsing in me, filling my ass with hot sperm.
“Phew,” breathed the undergraduate, sitting down with me on the floor.
– Never finished yet.
“I still want to,” I said.
– Yes, you’re kidding, or what? – he was indignant.
– I have not a drop of sperm in my eggs! Get down! – No, I will not let go! – I capriciously.
– Get down, said! – Not! – I hugged him even tighter.
Well, I didn’t want to let go of his cock, which I had already gotten used to, what can I do? – Here it is.

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– he uncoupled my hands with force, twisted them behind my back, and also uncoupled my legs.
“I didn’t tear the girls away from me!” Now I, with my arms twisted behind my back, sat on his hips.
“You know,” he drawled.
– I have never had such awesome fucking in my life! I do not mind repeating! – And I! “My neighbor leaves for the weekend next week — come to me on Friday,” the guy suggested.
– With pleasure! – And this.
excuse me for calling you a fagot.
– And who am I then? – I became interested.
“Now you are a girl,” Anton replied, smacking me in the lips.
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I – mmm.
Then he lifted Nata in his arms and carried her to the bathroom.
A couple of minutes later he returned and we continued the feast.
Nat appeared in twenty minutes.
She was happy, but at the same time a little tired.
She told me with a joke that we would die her out, and after drinking a couple of sips of wine sat at my feet.
Her warm mouth swallowed my dick, and he instantly gained combat look.
I did not take my wife away from the table, but tilted her on the table and entered her.
She was good, pussy was terribly wet and hot, it seemed to me that she wants to absorb my dick.
Having entered the rush, I quickly fucked my wife, but could not finish.
I was choking on my speed and sweat dripping on my beloved wife’s ass.
Now and then I lashed out, and my wife’s rough chalk ass.
Finally I finished.
Lying on the chair, I left my wife lying on the table.
We both bali were exhausted, and our breathing was very heavy.
I also got a glass of wine and a toast for me.
And Ashot fell in with my wife.
A little fuck her, he grabbed her in his arms, and carried her to another room.
David went after them and I decided to get some rest.
I sat and put my breath in order. From the next room came sounds like a moan mixed with the cry of a wife.
I went into the room, and saw my wife lying on the carpet along Ashot.
Rather, I saw her legs and arms, the astral skin covered Ashot with her body.
He also, as before, sharply and rudely plunged his dick into my wife.
Then he put it on all fours perched behind.
It seemed to me that his big hands would tear my wife’s ass to pieces, he crushed her ass with such force.
Sharply pulling out his dick, he lifted Nata in his arms and planted on the dick holding her in his arms.
He pressed her against the wall and continued to fuck my wife.
She hugged his neck and moaned violently.
Having a little fuck in such a pose, he literally threw Nata on the sofa and pounced on her like a predator.
Pulling her legs to the top, he thrust his dick into Nata, began to furiously fuck.
Nata was moaning, screaming, scratching. Sex lesbian live.

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