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Having taken out her penis, Nastya and Masha began to lick sperm flowing from Julia’s anus.
And I started licking Masha and Nastya’s legs.

After 10 minutes, I also fucked in the ass and Masha with Nastya.
I started slowly, because I repeat myself, nobody fucked them before me, and then accelerated so that my pace could be called just mad, they were already yelling, but first from pain, and then from great pleasure.
Our sex has always been accompanied by licking legs, pussies and ass.
After about half an hour of anal sex with Nastya and Masha, I finished, and they finished 6-8 times.
After such anal sex, they already had the feeling that their anuses seemed to be burning.
They said they wanted to pee too.
We again went to the bathroom.
This time I lay down in the bathroom, the first Julia sat on my face and after a couple of seconds a golden stream flowed out of her holes.
I greedily swallowed this stream, swallowing as much as possible.
After Julia was Nastya, then Masha.
They all pee in my mouth.
After we moved to the bedroom, where we spent another hour doing oral sex, as it gave us great pleasure.
They once again licked my anus together.
I licked all of them their butts, pussies and legs.
After I put them all next to each other with cancer on the bed and began each slap on the ass with my palm, and they pleasantly screamed after each slap.
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