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I have no grandparents, and maybe I have, but I did not see them and did not hear anything from them from my mother.
September 10, 2507 year.
12 hours 30 minutes.

SASHA for 7 years I was sitting in an armchair and trying to force myself to read a book that my mother should do with me, she was called “Know not on the moon”.
No, the book was interesting, but distracted me from reading, mom, she tried on dresses and blouses, constantly asking “how” or “I go”, spinning in front of the mirror.
She went to make up, did the bathroom, and after 15 minutes came out of the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror in full height, twisting in front of him, and turned to me and asked me the question “how do I look?
To which I replied simply that you are the best and most beautiful class.
Mom smiled at me and went to wear shoes.
Dressing, knocking heels, called me “You do not hold me?”.
Coming up and looking at my mother with blue eyes, she was squeezed and kissed, only after the words “Mom I breathe heavily” was released, my mother looked at me again and ran to work.
September 10, 2507 year.
12 hours 30 minutes.
Valentina Grigorievna Semigor 29 years old former accountant.
7 years have passed since the invasion, as I survived, probably a miracle and this miracle is sitting in the chair and reading a book.
For seven years we lived on grocery cards

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, and yesterday I found a job in a nightclub, “a wonderful night,” who served alcoholic beverages.
The work is not dusty, I can handle it, and cash will finally be in the house.
She got up at 10 in the morning, took a shower, went out of the bathroom from the bathroom and went to the kitchen, drank two capsules of “capsulated food” and proceeded to prepare food for her son.

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Having fed and controlled to eat everything.
I washed the dishes and went, looking to put it on, I was beaten by an easy jitter of the first working day.
To distract myself, I began to try on clothes.
Every time I got dressed, I turned to my son and asked how I looked.
To which received a sign in the form of a thumb up.
Finally, choosing the classic version of a black skirt just above the knees and a light blouse with a long sleeve, put on a skirt, grabbed a blouse and went to do makeup in the bathroom.
Coming out of the bathroom, fully clothed and with make-up, she turned around in front of the mirror, turned to her son and asked a question.
Well, how do I look? To which I received the answer two thumbs up on outstretched hands and words that are dear to any mother that she is the best in the world.
A little embarrassed and smiling back, she went to put on her shoes.
Wearing tapped heels to better sit on the leg.
You will not lead me? I shouted a little.
The son got up from the chair put the book and walked over and looked into my eyes with his huge blue sky eyes.
Having looked at this picture, I so much wanted to hug my son.
I woke up after the words “my mother breathed heavily,” I let him go, got up from her knees, looked at him from top to bottom and opened the door and went to work.
September 10, 2507 year.
14 hours exactly.
DE-GAR Chuck Maar Chak-ri (a lieutenant of special landing forces) race of reptilon (lizards).
Arrived on the planet “incubus 0-5 A.
class “on a transport ship at exactly two o’clock in the afternoon.
This planet was discovered by chance, the reconnaissance ship of the “Saths” race and they conquered it, the battle lasted no more than an hour.
The Council of Great Empires decided to use this planet as an incubator.
The A-class of the planet is almost perfect, the local population, a little shit on the planet, but in five years everything will return to normal.
Going to Galanet, looked over where to stay for two weeks, I have a holiday or something.
I wanted to rest where there is a forest and lakes with swamps, but not far from the city, 100-150 kilometers.
Khanty-Mansiysk is a small city, but what is needed is an order by a glider and after 2 minutes he was sitting in a comfortable chair and watched the earth rush under his feet, a beautiful planet.
Arrived in the city local time at 14:30, settled in the room and decided to see the local capital of this planet, started from Moscow, then St. Petersburg I liked this city a lot of bridges and rivers, decided to wander through it, went to eight in the evening. Sex tape 2014 full movie watch online free.

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