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Then the same procedure was done by the athlete – the second glass was drunk instantly.
Time is running out, there is no time to think and protest.
Katya sat on the sofa.

Three rapists have already dressed.
“That’s all.
And you were afraid.
Remember all that has been said.
And now – the last scene ”- said the leader.
Kate was frightened – “Are they really going to be killed ?!”
The young lad unbuttoned his fly and walked over to Kate, who herself knelt and opened her mouth.
A stream of urine hit Catherine in the throat and she began to swallow, thinking about not soiling the carpet.
When the stream dried up, Katya took the guy’s cock in her mouth and licked the last drops.
“You are well done” – said the boy and stroked her hair.
A minute later they left.
Kate closed the door behind them, closed in the bathroom and cried.
About ten minutes later, Olezhka came to the training.
“Mom, I’m home!” He shouted.
“Okay, son.
I’ll be out soon, ”Katya shouted back, lying in the bathtub of hot water and stroking her anus with her finger, which has almost ceased to hurt.
In the distant Soviet times, I was sent, like all Soviet children, to pioneer camps.
I always traveled in the same place, and for many years I spent my holidays there in all the detachments, from the youngest to the oldest, the first detachment.
Many of the children and the camp staff were very familiar to me.
Those who went through this know that there were mandatory events, like “Zarnitsa” and “Timurovskaya” work.
During one of the “Zarnits” poured heavy rain.
The adult leadership immediately “turned off” the event and urgently placed us in the nearest village.
The rain did not let up and we stayed there for the night.
Who where.
Me and 12 other girls with two counselors were placed in a local ambulatory.
We lay down to sleep in beds and those who lacked them – on mattresses on the floor.

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All in the same room.
Everyone fell asleep pretty quickly, ran for the day, were tired, and even dined deliciously.
I was lying on the floor on the mattress.
I did not specifically lay down on the bed.
I wanted to caress myself a bit, and the bed could creak.
I waited until everyone fell asleep and enjoyed myself.
Everything went on for about ten minutes.
I finished and also sweetly fell asleep.
I do not know how much time has passed, but at night I woke up from some strange sensations.
As soon as I woke up, I immediately understood what was happening.
Someone touched me between my legs.
And not only touched, but very gently and pleasantly caressed with fingers and judging by the fact that the fingers were inside the panties, it lasted for some time already because I didn’t even feel like I was getting into panties.
I was very scared, but I was even more frightened to make a fuss and get involved in such a shameful story.
I froze and decided to pretend to be asleep.
But the caresses were so pleasant, and it was the first touch of someone else’s hand to my lye, which is unnoticeable, forgetting the fear, I just began to enjoy what was happening.
At some point, my heart almost hurt from the thought that struck me.
I suddenly realized that I was caressing a woman’s hand.
I was horrified.
But what to do? I could not scream.
Apparently I somehow betrayed myself.
An unknown woman realized that I was not sleeping.
She grabbed the gum of my panties with her finger and pulled them to my knees.
I didn’t have any sense to pretend, and

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I realized that she was not interested in noise either.
I raised my ass and she very deftly lowered my panties below the knees, and then to the ankles.
Then she took me by the ankles and marked the movement so I pulled them to the ass.
I did it, my knees bent.
And here something happened to me.
I could have left them closed, but I quite consciously spread them apart, opening up free access to my piss with an unknown female hand.
And I really liked it.
She did not keep herself waiting, and since it became more convenient for her to touch me, and she was no longer afraid to wake me, the caress changed a lot.
Her fingers easily slid over my entire puss, rubbed my clitoris, pushed my lips apart and pressed lightly on the pleura.
Orgasm just crushed me.
I felt that streams of moisture flowed out of me.
She stopped caressing me, waited for me to catch my breath.
Potm wiped his hand on my stomach and left, grabbing my panties.
I couldn’t fall asleep, I touched myself a few more times.
When dawn broke, I quickly got up and dressed so that no one noticed the lack of panties.
What happened did not go out of my head.
For several days I tried to understand who the woman was. Starletkassidy cam sex video.

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