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Teen girl masturbate hidden cam. “Can’t you do it at all?” – Yes, I’ll burst! – unhappy whines, shifting at a breakneck pace from foot to foot.
Well, what should I say to her: – Write in the corner, I will turn away.
“It is better to die,” Marina hisses angrily, looking as if I am to blame for everything.
And then there is a restless pensioner, it turns out, overheard us: – Do not dare to urinate in the elevator! Vonischa will be on the whole staircase! I will write a complaint! Marina went stained, as if she did not know to blush or turn pale.

“Breathe deeper, calm down,” I try to keep calm myself.
– Vdooooh – vydooooh! – What are you hanging!? – the girl howled, dancing a wild dance on a tiny heel.
She fought a few more minutes.
Then all of a sudden I got close and clung to me.
“Igor,” her fingers painfully pierced my shoulders, and my lips almost touched my ear.
– Now you turn away, close your eyes, shut your ears and stand.

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And then we will never remember what will happen now.
Got it? – You’re too drama.
– Got it !? I silently turned away, closing my eyes.
Prokhorov already really gone.
It was quiet.
I heard how hard Marina breathes, how the zipper on her jeans was unbuttoned.
The clothes rustled, the floor creaked, Marina’s woeful sighs.
I was ready to hear a quiet murmur.
But he was absolutely not ready for the fact that the elevator doors would part and four pairs of eyes would stare at us.
The whole family – mom, dad, a girl of twelve years old and a little older boy.
Everyone’s dumbfounded.
I quickly turn around.
Marina is squatting with her pants down, her mouth opens silently, like a beached fish, her eyes bulging like a pregnant mermaid.
We need to take matters into our own hands.
– Busy! – I shout utterly at stunned people and press the elevator button.

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This time the dastardly mechanism regularly takes us to the required floor.
Marina in prostration, confused in the lowered pants, awkwardly trying to hide behind.
With shaking hands, she is completely unable to get dressed.
– I.
, – lips are shaking, about to burst into tears.
– Tolerate! – I have already opened an apartment, picked up the girl in my arms and whirling into the lavatory, where I carefully put Marina on the toilet.
“We did,” the girl breathes happily.
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