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I first closed several times, opened my eyes, I thought I was mistaken.
but no!!! it was Kostya !!! I felt hot all over and then abruptly cold.
I could not believe my eyes.

I abruptly ran up to them, separated, completely forgot that I was a guy, and dressed like an ordinary guy.
but I threw a terrible scandal all over the street, screamed, beat him, tears flowed in streams, threw a gift at him and ran away.
I could not find a place, did not know where to go.
Not much calmed down, decided to go home, and parents will worry.
Kostya was waiting for me at the house.
I did not want to see him, but he insisted.
I stood and listened, only he spoke.
Kostya tried to calm me down, said that he had been dating this girl for a long time, that everything was not serious here !!! etc.
For me it was very painful to hear, I loved him, loved as a woman a man, wanted, waited.
I fell into a terrible depression, stayed at home for about 2 weeks, the new year passed like that past me.
I did not know what to do.
how to be ??? And then I saw this girl again, tall, slim, stylish, manicure, hairstyle, a real little bitch! When I came home, it seemed as if it had dawned on me that I decided to continue the life of a woman, but more actively! I wanted to prove that I was better than any woman) manners, gestures.
And at the end of January I decided to take a serious step, I bought a course of hormonal pills! The decision is bold, but I decided to change my life.
Changes were gradual.
I began to change physiologically, hair growth on my body stopped, hair on my head, nails, rounder hips, thin voice began to grow, and my parents began to notice my changes.

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It became harder for me to hide it, I hardly waited for the summer holidays and went to the sea, saying that it was supposedly for a living.
By this time I already had long hair, almost a female voice.
In the south, I braced myself and for the first time decided to appear in the image of a woman.
she made a manicure, plucked her eyebrows, put on her makeup, put on a denim skirt and a little white beacon.
on the feet of sandals.
looking in the mirror I saw a sexy, slim girl.
100% girl.
– Yes, you and me in pussy fucking? I thought it was in a dream.
Oh Romchik, forgive me, I had a dream, like I was in that movie that I didn’t see yesterday, and we were in both holes in front of the whole company.
Then you ran to some nipple, and I started to fuck in the literal sense of the word, a guy with a long dick.
He fucked so sweepingly that it seemed to enter the uterus, I almost made it out there, and then you chased him away, and he began to fry me.
I was so excited, it seemed to me that this was real.
And I wanted you with all my holes, opening the ass.
Of course, you didn’t miss such an opportunity, penetrating not deeply several times into my hole with your round bang, as if teasing me, then vdul to the full and filled me with the entire anus.
Then came the complete darkness, and after some time I woke up, feeling a slight pain and a foreign object in my ass.
It seemed that my gut was about to burst when you fucked me there, and your head reached for the stomach.
What a healthy

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you think it seems.
And when you finished me, I finished too, and turned off immediately.
– Lera, you’re exaggerating everything.
I gently inserted the head several times, then making sure that there was enough lubrication, slowly buried half the member, and did not restrain myself, well, then I moved it a couple of times when it went limp and pulled out.
Everything was like in your dream.
– It seemed to you that you gently put a member on the floor.
And it seemed to me that they had hammered in a count by half a meter, and moved it there.
– Lerochka, yes, I tell you the truth, that everything was exactly as you describe in your dream.
“Here is a little little bitch, now you’ll surely heal my wounds with your tongue, she swore with an ironic smile.”
– Lehr and you really finished and turned off.
– Yes unfortunately. Tisha campbell nude pics.

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