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Only a true princess in any situation remains a princess, thought Linda.
Panties caught on the clasp, and then suddenly slid on.
Ariel almost mechanically stepped in, and the linen was in Linda’s hands, only she had.

Ariel was trembling.
She looked at what was happening and could not believe her eyes.

A minute ago, she was only a little wet, and now she was standing, though dressed, but almost completely defenseless.
– What are you doing? She whispered.
“So it will be easier for me, honey,” Linda winked at her.
However, now she easily managed to behave with difficulty.
She winked with a smile, but her breath was starting to stray.
The appearance of a naked and so tender body Ariel brought her to a state close to stupefaction.
The combination of divine beauty and almost childlike innocence knocked all thoughts together.
– Linda, this is not funny.
– almost ached Ariel.
– Stop staring at me, finally do something.
– I just.
– Linda said and blushed, – Good.
Ariel was expecting anything except what happened next.

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Gently pushing her to the car, Linda undoubtedly took her leg under her knee and held it high.
Kneeling in front of her as if she were the one-person mistress, Linda pressed her lips to her legs and began to diligently and gently lick the inner side of the thigh.
The blush filled her face so that it literally glowed, but she diligently slid her tongue, not forgetting about anything, not missing a single droplet on the delicate skin.
– Linda.
– whispered Ariel and almost fell on moan.
– Do not.
I’m completely dirty there.
With weak hands, she tried to remove Linda’s head, but only managed to grab her hair.
– It’s not like that, honey.
– looking up for a moment, Linda whispered.
“You’re not dirty at all.”
I like your taste.
Ariel tried to somehow control herself, but soon realized that it was useless.
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