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At the same time, Olga breathed a sigh of relief, “phew-f!”
“Everything?” – flashed through my head, but after a second the flow resumed.
The sound of it was strikingly changed; it seemed that another woman was crouching above.

For a long time, urine flowed from Olgina’s crotch in a calm, wide stream, practically without tension and emotion.
At some point, the constant flow was replaced by frequent intermittent dripping.
It seemed that my employee’s bored bladder was exhaustedly oozing with the remnants of urine.
I think at this moment the woman was already enjoying blissful seconds, finally sleeping, of a feverish and painful tension in the perineum that accompanied the last hour of her life.
Suddenly, the trickling stopped.
Olga gave the concrete floor two short voiced vybryzami and subsided.
A minute has passed since the beginning of this wet firework.
The holiday was over.
Probably, for some time she still manipulated the muscles of the perineum, not being sure that her bladder was brought into a natural, satisfied state.
At the same time from the gap of a young woman in the puddle fell the last few drops.
On the top platform, two familiar clicks sounded – it sounded like a bone in the knee.
Olga made the last passes, characteristic for a woman who had written, – she, skillfully squatting, shook off the remnants of urine from a moist vulva and from the hair on the labia.
Surely there were napkins in her purse in case of an unexpected toilet visit, but at that moment the bag was in my hands. Web cam anal online.

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