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she has nowhere to go, and I begin to let her out of his cock, but the next second I get a sharp slap in the face and the command: “Swallow, scum! Swallow, you fag!
I obediently swallow everything that has accumulated in me, for another minute I suck the last drops out of it.
then I collect everything from my pubic tongue that I could not hold.

lick his cock, balls, all around.
here you go.
everything seems to be clean.
tearing myself away from him, raising my eyes.
He looks straight at me, and I do not understand that in his eyes – either admiration, or contempt.
But I don’t ask about anything, I just stand with cancer and look, licking.
– Ahuenno you suck.
Where did you learn so, huh? This is a blowjob.
You are a wonderful hawker, unique.
I would say that this is your calling – to suck dick, you fag.
He is already calm, and even a little good-natured.
In any case, I no longer feel aggression from him.
– So, in short, nipple, listen here.
I will leave now, and here you are, as you are standing now, and stay.
Poses do not change.
Got it, whore is cheap? Moving away – fucking you, have in mind, a bitch.
I’ll be back soon.
I quickly nod my head.
Of course, I will not budge.
as if i have a choice.
He gets up, fastens his jeans, loudly slaps me on the bottom and leaves the room.
I’m staying waiting.
Chorus Now, from here, 15 years later, recalling and describing those events, I can determine the moment after which our little Peter and I celebration of soul and body turned into something that I will invariably remember with a shiver of pleasure and a little bit of fear.
But strangely, I can determine the moment, but I still have not managed to find the right word.

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Catastrophe? No, not that.
I do not know.
But then, naked, just just double fucked in the mouth, standing with cancer in an empty dim room waiting for something unknown, I still did not understand that I no longer control anything.
that for the next three days, I turn into a disfranchised, wordless thing of common use.
I did not understand this, and how could I know this?
I knew only the past, and understood only the present.
there were no thoughts about the future.
I still thought that nothing terrible had happened.
although it was already quite, absolutely not.
This was not the case for one simple reason.
In a hurry, it never even occurred to us to ask what kind of people hang out on this blathhat.
And it would be worth asking.
The company that walked in the apartment was either a gangster brigade on vacation, or a community of thieves, in general, something that had its own concepts on all issues.
including same-sex love issues.
Their views on these questions were sharply negative.
And it is quite clear what attitude such lovers caused in their mouth to take in my mouth, like me.
But at that moment I didn’t know anything about it, didn’t imagine and didn’t think, I just stood with cancer on the bed and waited for something, I didn’t understand what I was waiting for.
The door swung open, as they say, with his feet.
I wanted to turn around and see who entered, but did not even have time to squeak when I received a blow to the kidneys.
There were three of them.
Among them there was no one who 10 minutes ago let his sperm down my throat.
I just never saw these three.
They rushed in to me,

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without any ceremony at all, in a flash of an eye surrounded me, showered with insults – with precisely those whom I loved to listen to.
Shots fell.
not strong, but very painful.
One of them, having come in from the front, immediately thrust a member into my mouth, and began to fuck me, occasionally making low moans.
In the meantime, something was happening behind me.
Four hands together felt my ass, pushing the buttocks apart.
here are the fingers crawling into me almost dry.
I twitch from the pain, try to crawl away from her, but all my attempts are nipped in the bud by means of several strong slaps in the face, everything, the fortress has fallen, the rebellion is pacified, the people are called to order.
– Come on, I’ll wait – a voice from behind. 33angel3 bongacams.

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