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She stood with her legs wide apart and her hands behind her back, and she peered intensely at the readings of the instruments with her slightly slanted eyes giving out Asian origin.
With a sharp movement, the officer pulled her right hand out from behind her back and removed a raven-wing lock of hair that had come out by chance.
Our ship is designed so that any, even the smallest, emission of fuel, thermal energy or some other trace left usually by ships, does not occur outside, but into special compartments.

That is, no device configured to track ships will see anything that they usually see, ma’am, the pilot answered.
– In other words, the equipment is guaranteed not to see and hear us.
And if they guess just to look up? Then we are finished.
Visually, the ship is not masked in any way.
But for hundreds of years, everyone has become accustomed to counting on the all-seeing eye of technology, even the military.
Do not forget that this is not a simple military.
I do not forget, ma’am.
It is because of what I remember that my fingers are trembling.
The ship entered the orbit of the planet Orpheus three, which did not have a proper name and was satisfied with the designation of the third from its star.
So it was taken in the preparation of star maps of large regions, not yet inhabited by mankind.
And Orpheus-three was located just in the depth of such a region, more than two and a half system miles from the borders of the united colonies.

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The command sent them to these uncharted distances with a clear order:

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to find out what the unknown do on her, identified by the deep search system.
This system scanned space at superluminal speeds in search of intelligent life.
The joint creation of scientists of five races, the system has not yet found a single species unknown to science, but it turned out to be an excellent help in the matter of counterintelligence.
A week ago, a search engine revealed the presence of a group of people who landed on this planet in the depths of a neutral space.
What can people do there? A lot of things: regular fanatics, who decided to separate from the rest of humanity, runaway swindlers or pirates, immigrant enthusiasts.
In any case, such personalities cannot represent anything particularly interesting for military men and intelligence officers.
But when the captain of the first rank, Kim, the commander of Isimura, announced that they were going on a mission into deep space, he told how the authorities that had caused his move swept aside all other options, except for one thing: imperial reconnaissance.
Why the elite of the special forces of the main enemy landed on a god-forgotten planet and how it is known, the captain did not ask.
He was an experienced campaigner and was used to not asking unnecessary questions.
So the team got together and started off from the Krypto planetary station.
Now they were preparing to land on Orpheus three.
Around the planet in orbit, the ship went to land.
The engines, designed especially for inconspicuous flights, were rebuilt into the atmospheric mode, and the team, desperately worried, prepared for the immediate start of the operation.
They were worried because the imperial intelligence that they expected to meet here was famous for the cruelty and mercilessness of their special forces.
As during the battles for Paleoz, when a separate special-purpose brigade of the Star Empire of the Earth Empire cut out at the root of the population of an entire continent for refusing to recognize the imperial protectorate and turn off the planetary defense system. Amalias webcam nude.

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