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I’m not just a “piece of fresh meat.”
I am a person who loves you.
– Let me go! What do you need?! – Denis clamped into a corner in the entrance, frightened looking at the man standing in front of him.

Denis saw him a couple of times in the yard.
Tall, two meters tall, broad at the shoulders, with dark, shortly cropped hair, 30 years old in appearance.
Denis compared to him seemed quite low.
– No need to shout, otherwise it will be worse.
– the stranger took a step, and was very close to Denis.
The guy could feel his breath on his cheek.
A wave of horror swept across his body.
The man’s hands wrapped around the waist of the guy, I pressed to me, from which Denis felt his impressive riser through the jeans fabric.
Horrible thoughts were spinning in the boy’s head, and they made it more terrible.
that Denis understood that now he can not do anything, except to

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Denis is a sixteen-year-old teenager, thin build, snub-nosed, with light brown hair, his eyes closed bangs that Denis only recently released.
He did not have time to recover, as the striped white and blue sweatshirt flew to the floor.
– Release.
I will scream – did it really seem to him that this would scare off the rapist? Most likely, he hoped for it.
– Scream.
Denis did not immediately understand what the man had in mind, and for a moment fell into thought.
Only the sensation of someone’s hot hands on his jeans brought him back to reality.
And rather quickly, these hands dealt with the lightning.
And now narrow jeans pulled from it to the floor.
Denis tried to escape, but well.
Strong hands of the man strongly pressed his wall, not even letting him turn.
– Suck me? – the voice of the man sounded gently.
And it was unexpected for a similar situation.

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Denis did not have time to come to his senses when he was kneeling on the dirty floor in front of him.
The man took the guy by the head and buried himself in the groin.
– Take it out.
The man moaned sweetly.
Denis, unexpectedly for himself, reached for the zipper and unfastened it, pulled the trousers off the man, dropping them to his knees.
Behind them, he pulled down and underwear.
Immediately from them jumped out a big and fat cock, standing like a stake.
Denis subconsciously appreciated the impressive size of his penis, and in his head flashed the thought “he doesn’t fit in my mouth.
“But apparently the man was not accustomed to wait long, and, taking a member with one hand, sent the guy in his mouth, and immediately, not allowing him to get used to a foreign object in the throat, began to stretch his head on the member.
Tears appeared on their own eyes, thoughts in their heads turned into jelly, and every now and then Denis tried to suppress his gag reflex.
The man cruelly fucked him in the mouth, absolutely not sparing the poor guy.
It seemed to Denis that he had lost consciousness.
Again, his partner brought him back to reality.
Sperm flowed from the guy’s mouth, and ran down his chin.
– Creature, swallow it! – the man grabbed the guy by the cheekbones and raised him to himself.
The pain was sharp and strong, from which Denis jumped up as if scalded.
– Swallow !! – he silenced the guy’s mouth and nose, with his big and hot palm, not allowing him to breathe.
The taste of his sperm was slightly salty, with a smell that cannot be described, but Denis definitely liked it.
He swallowed his partner’s sperm, and looked at the rapist imploringly.
Only a few seconds later, when the guy began to choke, and tears began to roll out of his eyes, the man removed his hand, allowing the guy to catch his breath.
“And you don’t suck bad, baby,” a triumphant smile appeared on his lips.
– Let me go.
I already sucked you.
If you want, I’ll do it again.
Just let go.
– Denis whined plaintively.
But apparently this was not enough for a man, and he abruptly turned Denis into his lap.
– What.
What are you doing?! – Denis’s heart beat faster when a big head of the penis leaned against his ass.
The man bent Dennis forward, leaning his arms against the wall, and slowly dragging off his pants.
According to the member of the abuser, the member of Denis seemed petty, considering that he had not yet fully risen.
Denis’s heart was beating at a wild pace, when the man’s tender lips touched his half-rising member. Best of bongacams.

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