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The next day, Lena smiled mysteriously and occasionally glanced at me.
Needless to say, we again stayed after work.
True, we honestly did it until eight o’clock, and then pounced on each other.

I had a sex day yesterday, ”said Lena, taking off her underwear.
– At home, my husband wanted sex, but I was afraid that he would feel that today he was not the first.
Well, I didn’t notice, ”I said, hugging Lena around the waist.
No, I just wondered how passionate and wet I am today.
We caressed each other for a long time: first I licked Lenino’s vagina, and then she gave me unforgettable blowjob minutes.
Then we sat down on a chair and I planted a girl astride my dick.
Lena liked this posture and she finished with moans very quickly.
In general, she was a girl very excitable, so I made no effort to force her to finish again.
Then I put the weakened body on the same table and finished on this white body.
Lena started and began to smear my sperm all over her body with pleasure.
Now our communication took place at a measured pace.
First work, then sex.
We tried all possible poses and objects.
Lena liked to fuck in the knee-elbow position, lying on the table and sitting on a chair.
Her orgasm was strongly promoted, if I inserted her finger into the anus.
In general, this hole began to interest her more and more.
From conversations, I knew that her husband did not pay any attention to Lenin’s anus and did not even caress him with his finger.
So she was a virgin there, except for my finger.
Once I brought her to orgasm, hammering her gut with the middle finger.

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This was supposed to push her to more radical actions, and this moment has come.
I want to fuck in the ass – suddenly Lena once said.
But you never tried.
And I want to now.
You are able to? I know how, but it hurts at first, and

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only then it is pleasant.
I still want to.
You need to start this someday, otherwise you won’t get it from your husband.
No sooner said than done.
For a long time I massaged Lenin’s anus, first with one finger, then with two.
At the same time, Lena constantly rubbed her clit.
Although the asshole was narrow, my two fingers did not cause her any discomfort.
When the hole was stretched enough and smeared with cream, I put the head to the anus and began to penetrate inside.
Lena stood at the table, leaning on her hands, and tried to relax her ass.
Surprisingly, the head of the penis slowly but surely penetrated into the girl.
When the head was inside, I stopped.
How are you, – I asked sympathetically.
Normal, not at all painful.
Then I start.
Firmly taking Lena by the hips, I began to immerse the member deeper.
Lena breathed deeper, but did not show any excitement.
Member plunged by half and I began to pull him back.
Then he began to dive again.
Five minutes later, Lena breathed more often, she otzypyat ass, and lowered her head in his hands.
The hole of the anus pretty quickly got used to my size and the penis began to walk more freely.
Now I have increased the amplitude and frequency of movements.
Lena groaned, her body immediately covered with sweat.
Now there was no difference where I fucked her.
Hole ass stretched so much that it became like the width of the vaginal holes.
The tempo of the movements was the same, and the trunk was now plunging to its full depth.
Lena already sighed loudly and moaned.
I decided to experiment on it.
I abruptly removed the penis from the gut and immediately plunged it into full depth in the vagina.
Lena screamed loudly and bent.
Having made a few strokes in the vagina, I also quickly transferred him to the anus.
What are you doing? – Lena moaned.
I have you in all holes, – I said again going into the vagina.
Lena was already moaning loudly and constantly screamed when I bore me.
Ass and vagina squished the same and equally enjoyed their owner.
Stay in the ass, – Lena groaned, – I can not concentrate. Bigo live lesbian.

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