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Dale reminds: There is a risk, there is a danger that they will reveal us.
I beg you: take it out and let me get out of here.
She rises, turns around and rushes into my arms, in a long love kiss gluing her lips to mine.

Then, bending down, he gives a delightful kiss to my now hanging wall, playing with the tongue around the urethral mouth and even in it itself.
It is so sweet that the admiring member immediately testifies how he appreciates the pleasure, leaping up with full swing.
Slapping on him, mom says: He was the most charming and delightful boy who did not know how to behave.
Kissing me again, she runs away, and with obvious regret.
Opening the door and turning, she says: My son was as lazy as you are.
Breakfast awaits both of you.
I quickly finish my closet and find them all at the breakfast table.
Ellen blushes when she sees me.
Having exchanged glances with Harry, I am convinced that he succeeded and that Ellen knows what she owes me.
That is why, it means that she became flustered when she saw me.
I smile and nod at her knowingly, and since she noticed the inquisitive glances with which we exchanged with Harry, she doesn’t even bother to worry about anything.
Mom, of course, does not know anything about what happened in her bed while she was with me, and the entire company pays her delicate attention, without hiding at the same time much emphasized attention to me.

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Our breakfast ends late, so we should hurry to the church.
Mom drives Ellen in a small phaeton drawn by

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a pony, while Harry and I take the short road through the fields.
Happens, you know, such a mood, all of a sudden I want to be alone.
Such strength desire loneliness flooded, that I decided to go to the people.
Maybe this time I will be lucky enough to meet a man who, with his dazzling brightness, will eclipse my modest glimmer.
Whether it was inspired by the melancholy of the wild fuck, or absolute unity with the summer, but the mood was vile.
Everyone was annoyed, ranging from pimply youths, with their manic-energetic attempts to look like macho, to regular partners who did not open new horizons, but caused only irritation.
I wanted to pour them brandy and put them in the record book perfectly, so that they would be piled up for the summer in the construction team and would not pester me with their concepts of classic sex.
There was not enough drive, salt on the lips, new points of the horizon and ecstasy from owning the unknown.
And so, dressed in blue blue, edging red and picking up a white bag, I went slowly to the meeting in order to sip some coffee and get to know the contender for future sex.
These are such ritual dances of two partners, to look closely, to see something there in the depths of the eyes, maybe the lights of a burning down sunset, and maybe a new dawn – bright and dazzling, as lucky as you are.
He was waiting for me on the corner and waved his hand, supposedly it was me, come closer and look at me with bolder steps with each step.
Frankly, the picture of the real did not match his avke.
Dreamy retouch avki, obviously was a failure on the background of the original.
His whole view radiated complacency and even some summer laziness. Blond naked models.

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