Bongacam o o.

Bongacam o o. I see that the weasels are already minimal, she just wants to finish, she just hammer herself into both holes, she is already close – and I stop it.
In the eyes of bewilderment, pain, already familiar to me thirst.
Smiling, I take out the collar, twist it in front of her eyes – and throw it into the corner.
Raise her to his knees, and nod at the collar – bring! Buscona rushes there, but stops, delayed by me.

“Hands!” – and handcuffs “Now bring it!” Snap on her wrists behind her back.
She turns, I see bewilderment, mumbles.
“Whatever you like, carry it like that!” But do not get up from your knees, and do not take it in your hands! ”
Still a quick-witted girl.
Interestingly, she understands that every action is aimed at ensuring that she coexists with her role? After a couple of minutes, a real slave crawling towards me, all focused on pushing the collar with your knees in front of you.
I am sure that she mentally tried it on herself, I already agree with everything – if only she was allowed to finish! Bongacam o o.

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