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I climbed into the bushes and, looking around, made sure that I was practically invisible.
Only from the windows of the fifth floor you can see something, but you can turn your back to the house.
This photo asked me to make the lad Lesha.

He was eighteen, but, I must say, the boy’s fantasy was canceled! I already made about five photos on his order, frantically excited by each of them! I sat down, finally disappearing from my eyes.
Without fear, I lifted the top, exposing my chest.
She took out a black marker from her purse.
I took a deep breath, feeling my flare flare up at the thought of what I was going to do! And, having carefully tried on, I began to draw the letters as beautifully as possible on the chest.
Across the boobs wrote “bitch”, and on the tummy – “Alice”.
She took out a mirror, meticulously examined the result.
Corrected in a couple of places, added a few fancy curls.
I was excited by the mere thought that now, here in this form, I show myself from the bushes! I wanted to take two pictures, not one, as I was ordered.
I don’t know why myself, but I really wanted to see the result! Hide the marker in the bag, pull the top, close the letters on the stomach with your hand.
Breathe deep and go! I carefully got out of the bushes.
On the other side of the large courtyard is still youth.
Outside the house, the door slammed loudly, forcing me to quickly whisk behind the nearest car.
Some aunt came out of the doorway and quickly went the other way, leaving me with a wildly beating heart.

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Calm down.
And quickly! And what else could I have expected, fool, in the middle of the day !? That all the fucking will sit at home? Yeah, right now! So pull yourself together – and so for today I have already seen the people! And the longer I stay here, the more there will be more! I heard a loud laugh.
How would these not run into.
I was still afraid of a single man much less than a crowd of four guys.
The sober may still come to their senses, and the drunk just won’t let go! Faster.
I looked around.
Here is what you need! Car parked near the entrance! I, fearfully squinting on the other side of the courtyard, approached her.
The company of youth was on the other side of a small hill above the vegetable storehouse, which was abundantly covered with bushes.
I put the camera on the roof, spent a few seconds to properly aim and turn on the shooting.
Fot zapilikal loudly.
I mentally curled – a sharp sound, I suppose, was clearly audible to the whole yard! But it’s’ too late.
Quickly this compass

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will not come running here.
I retreated to three steps, threw a leg on a high fence, quickly pulled the topic up and lay back, biting my finger with my white teeth, staring mischievously at the lens, lifting my skirt with my free hand.
Fot clicked, informing about the new frame.
I quickly covered my chest and, pulling the camera off the roof of the car, hid behind the car, listening to the silence of the yard.
For a few seconds everything was quiet, but then the hubbub resumed.
I sighed with relief.
The guys probably took the chuck for signaling.
I, still sitting in the car, looked at the yard.
On the other side, at the next house, the door slammed, but otherwise everything was motionless.
I, a little bolder, went to the edge of the house and looked out on the highway.
There were about forty meters to the road.
The flow of cars almost did not stop.
And on the sidewalk in the field of view was some kind of grandmother.
I glanced over my shoulder – no one.
I put the bag on the ground, put the camera on top so that the lens looked past the house, onto the road. Bongacams free tokens generator.

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