Bongacams support.

Bongacams support.
In the morning I grind with him, and the results will consider the issue of your employment.
Well? The party said: “We must!” , Komsomol answered ?.

“There is!” – Sasha answered and politely left the office.
Dealing with the hotel industry turned out to be interesting and quite easy.
Sasha put things in order in the twelfth room, the door to which every now and then sat down to let in the local maids.
They were not so much curious as they were attracted to Sasha by unknown charms.
Each appearing maid Sasha gave this or that task, or asked to tell about the hotel.
In conclusion, his apron was washed away from his tears and perfectly otgranennosti diligent maids, who did not take away shining eyes from the new employee.
At noon, an important comrade in a dark suit passed through the corridor.
Sasha was sitting at the table in the room on duty on the floor, with his head bent low.
He heard the steps of the visitor slowing down in front of the room, and then at the end of the corridor at the twelfth the key rang and clicked the lock.
Five minutes later, the castle reopened, the steps of the comrade stopped at the threshold of the room, but Sasha was flipping through the account book, without raising his eyes, summed up by the ink, which turned out to be one of the most cute maids.

Chapter Twenty-nine When Andrei opened his eyes again, he did not immediately realize that it was still day, or it was already night — it was dark in the room, but a faint light penetrated the room from behind the curtains. Bongacams support.

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