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Sweet! I must admit that I really want to go to the ladies’ room! – Irina looked confused.
– While I was waiting for you, I drank a big glass of juice.
Well, why did you drink so much? But dear, it was very hot, because summer is outside.

Creaking roped elevator arrived.
With a creepy clang of the door opened.
Well, wife! We have to go, so faster! – I missed Irina and entered the elevator after him.
The elevator started moving, but something creaked around the 6th floor and the elevator stopped.
Damn it! – on the face of Irina was a surprise.
– He stopped! Looks like something broke.
For some time we waited for the elevator to work.
Then they started banging on the door! About half an hour later, I called Kostya and asked him to find a fitter.
After 15 minutes, Kostya called back and said that the fitter was drunk and we had to look for another.
After another 15 minutes, Kostya announced that he had found a fitter, but he would arrive only in an hour.
That’s what I told my wife.
In an hour! Yes, I’m picking up now! Bongacams web.

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