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It was the home of the mages, the Weasley family.
The world of magicians was hidden from ordinary people, called Muggles.
And a little more than a month ago, the second magical war ended.

The war against the dark wizard Voldemort and his minions ended in victory for the forces of good.
The whole magical world paid a considerable price for the victory.
The Weasley family was no exception, having lost one of their sons, Fred Weasley, in the final battle.
And also a lot of their friends and acquaintances.
However, the joy of victory drowned out the bitterness of loss.
Life went on and now it seemed that the future was cloudless, like the weather outside.
In the house of the Uzley family, Nora, besides the usual inhabitants, Harry Potter also visited.
Almost a member of the family, as well as the winner of Voldemort.
It was his share of the most difficult trials.
And it was he who could not let go of his terrible memories of the war with the dark lord.
Month is not enough to forget all the trials that were in life.
And the Weasley family helped all that a member of their family could do.
Especially Moli, the mother of the whole family.
It was also an outlet for Gini, with whom he gradually began to restore relations broken off at the 6th year of study at Hogwarts, the school of magic.
It was unclear whether the school would open this year, because it was badly damaged during the last battle.
And while it was just starting to recover.
Like Nora in the restoration which helped Harry.
And although the house has already been restored as better than before, there was still enough work on the territory.

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And Harry Potter helped as much as possible.
On the evening of Tuesday, June 16th, Harry cleaned up the restored and improved barn behind the house, where now, in addition to brooms, there was also a small basement for storing all kinds of treats made by the housewife.
When Harry was almost done cleaning and restoring order, Mrs. Weasley looked into the shed, as she said, something was needed for dinner from the basement.
Having finished cleaning up, Harry turned to Miss Weasley to ask what to do next and froze.
Miss Weasley was bending over a lid of a shallow cellar raised by the magic that she was looking for.
But it was not this that brought the burning into a stupor.
And the fact that standing on all fours, the dress turned up, and Harry looked at her considerable 5 point, tightly covered with a simple fabric of underwear.
Harry dumbly looked at the backside of almost his mother, such was his attitude towards Molly.
He also understood that just below the fabric of his panties could be seen plump labia, he knew the body structure of the girls, from the erotic magazines of his cousin, Dudley, which he somehow stole from him.
Harry looked at it, unable to look away, and as if in a trance.
He watched a vast ass, on the visible labia, as well as full thighs, without a trace of veins, yet magic has its advantages.
And the adolescent’s reaction to this sight was quite understandable, the hormones were doing their job regularly, it was getting cramped in his underpants.
When he came to himself, Harry realized who and where he was looking at and the reaction of his

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body to this sight.
His face was flushed with paint, and he quickly turned his back on Miss Weasley’s chic butt.
I finished Miss Weasley.
I’ll go to the house, drink some water.
– Harry said in a rough and slightly trembling voice.
OK my love.
– Molly answered.
Harry ran into the house.
But he did not notice how Molly turned around, smiled slightly at him.
Her plan, apparently, was quite feasible.
Smiling at her thoughts, she got up and went after Harry, she found everything she needed almost immediately, and the whole search idea was meant for Harry Potter.
Going into the house Molly was not surprised by the absence of Harry in the kitchen. Cam sexy.

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