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He felt his core inside her crush the shrinking walls of her vagina, and she, moving her hips, completed his orgasm.
Exhausted, she slipped off his penis and looked at him with insane eyes.
– Does he even get tired? She whispered, in disbelief.

Gryunt got up, turned Kelly on his stomach and pulled him to him.
– Stop, Grunt, don’t do it, she.
– No, Miri, I want this.
let be.
act sweetheart
Grunt did not have to beg, and he put his head to her anus and slightly pressed, stretching the edges.
Kelly moaned.
He firmly took her by the hips, pulled over and went into her.
Chambers screamed, but immediately began to move her ass, trying to quickly get used to its size.
He moved deeper and deeper until he entered to its full length and froze. Cam to sex.

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