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Trying to annoy her, he is on the contrary, each time more and more led his wife.
Her ass was jumping on one pillow, and her head on the other.
With a dick in her mouth, she tried to say something, but he did not give her the slightest respite.

At that moment, a violent orgasm again rolled on her.
Her body began to beat, her hands trembled, intensely squeezing a member at the base.
At the same time, the head swelled even more and was barely placed in the mouth.
Pressing her tongue to the palate, she tried to suck at least a drop of nectar.
Her hips moved to the limit, squeezing the crotch, and with it the rubber toy, which continued to move and vibrate in a tight squeezed gap.
The ass stopped jumping on the pillow, and now it was just a little wagging on the bed, convulsively shuddering.

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Finally, her body went limp, her arms and legs became kind of wadded and heavy and fell to the sides, and a smile appeared on her face.
Looking at the cheeker’s contented face, Roman wanted to annoy her even more with her incredible.
He raised her head to the back of his head and began to push his petrified and painfully bloated shishak.
The hard head, with difficulty penetrated into the curved neck of the wife farther and farther until its upturned sharp little nose was immersed in the fatty layer of the husband’s pubis.
The access of oxygen through the nose and throat was completely blocked.
She began to swallow the air like a fish without water, thereby squeezing her throat and swollen prick.
And Roman continued to deepen his unit, pressing one hand on the back of his head, and the other pushing a sagging scrotum into his mouth.

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Gasping for breath, Lera squeezed a member of her last strength with her teeth at the very base, trying to eat it and not let the poured eggs on the cheek.
Her face twisted, and tears fell from her eyes.
She jerked, and began to swallow the air even more vigorously, thereby further stimulating the overstressed end.
Roman’s body shuddered, a pleasant shudder swept through the wave, which concentrated in the groin, and abruptly passed into the prostate.
A powerful jet stopped in the urinary canal with his wife’s teeth clamped.
From pain, he grabbed her by the neck and with the thumbs of both hands pressed under the ears.
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