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It is fastened to the body with leather straps and is designed for long wear.
Well, where is the grease, I remember exactly what I put it in a suitcase.
When she thinks that I am very guilty, she can insert a cork without lubrication.

It gives me pain, but Jeanne, it seems, just that and wants.
the main thing is that the punishment was painful.

And here is the grease, you will not punish yourself.
I begin to slowly insert the cork, it smoothly slides into the anus, on the wide part lingers a little, pushing the sphincter ring all the stronger, and slips inside.
The cork entered to the base, and I fastened tight straps.
What did Jeanne come up with this time? Time dragged on slowly.
I lay down to read my favorite book.
The road tired me and my eyes closed.
I woke up from a rustle.
The room was rather dark, and a strip of bright color poured from the slit of the open door.
Which, as I checked most recently, was tightly locked.
And now, she, as if by chance, was ajar.
I quietly crept in, and looked into the wide gap in the door.

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Expressive and slightly sad gray eyes.
Plump and slightly puffed, as if from resentment sponge.
Short haircut under the boy.
not much she goes, but on her she looked sexy.
Slender, almost perfect legs.
Small, but elastic chest with protruding nipples.
Fabi was on her knees in front of the bed.
The chain that came from the collar was tied to a canopy post.
The hands behind the back are pulled together with leather bracelets, the short latex skirt completely lifted up and opened my eyes to all the charms, a red cork with a black horse tail stuck out in her ass.
In front of her, on the edge of the bed, Jeanne lay with her legs wide apart and pressing her slave’s head to one leg with one hand.
With her other hand, she was pulling on the tail, pulling away from the cork, her eyes were closed from pleasure.
– Suck better bitch, you have to lick me all, – said Joan – while pulling the cork tail with force.
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