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Tina involuntarily squeezed her hips.
– What is it? – Maya was pleased with the effect.
– Opium.

– she again lowered her gaze, the girl answered briefly, feeling the first drop dropping between the tight intimate lips, stopping between her buttocks.
“This is a catastrophe!” – Tina flashed through her head, but the young lady couldn’t do anything with herself.

– Oh, that’s what’s the matter.
– said Maya with ostentatious thoughtfulness, – Risa’s farewell gift, I suppose? “Umha,” she gazed hard at the floor, trying to stop the inexorably growing excitement.
Nevertheless, she appreciated the insight of the Teacher.
– I.
Did you take it together? – Hassar eagerly looked at Tina, – Answer me! – Mentor gently touched the girl’s chin and again raised her head, forcing to look into her eyes straight.
– Yes.
– quietly answered Mian, admiring how beautiful was the face of the Mentor in the light of the setting sun.
– And then what happened? – Maya continued to hold the girl’s face.
– We.
– replied Tina, burning with shame, but unable to lie, or remain silent.

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“I’ll be right if I suppose to be kisses.”
– Maya thought for a second, – Your evening is not over? – Yes.
– reaffirmed Mian.
– Opium pleasantly circled his head, throwing off the shackles of morality.
– Hassar continued to look at the young lady.
– And then.
warm waves of heavy pulse swept the body.
in my head it was easy, easy.
and desire awakened, right? – Yes.
– very quietly agreed girl, very embarrassed.
– And now you are ashamed of your deed? – Hassar gently smiled, not finding a place for a young girl.
– N-I do not know.
Mian shook her head, wishing in her heart for Maya to never let her go.
– Understand, Tina “Mian, there is nothing shameful about doing something nice for yourself and the other.”
After all, you are pleased? – Mentor bent her head to the side, looking at her sweet face.
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