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So, our common goal is to have two children.
Each of you makes one. ”
“Ugh, what an expression.

Well, let it sound like this. ”
“Throw a coin, see who gets to you.
The other will get Claire. ”
“If – an eagle, then – Steve.”
“Just right, he would have made the same choice.”
The coin began to whirl in the air and, falling to the floor, rolled under the table.
“Here she is.
Have you talked with a gynecologist about artificial insemination? ”“ 300 hundred bucks to try.
Pay you! “” Damn it.
Where I get them from. ”
“Well, certainly not I will give.
And in general, it’s your idea. ”
“Oh shit.
No extra money is coming soon. ”
“There is another way.”
He shook his head.
“Well, I do not.
Steve would never do that.
He treats women well as friends, but even the thought that he will have to see you naked will make him disgusted. ”

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“How tactful.
Does he have such a feeling personally towards me or all women? “” To all of you.
Imagine, we had to abandon our beloved lubricant just because the stupid saleswoman blurted out that he was as good as a woman’s natural lubricant.
After this incident, it was just scary to watch him whenever he picked up that unfortunate tube. ”
“Well, then let him just lay on his back and close his eyes.”
“I’m telling you, it won’t work.”
—————————- “We did not succeed.”
“As I said”.
“He didn’t even want to undress! Demonstratively closed his eyes and made a terrible face.
Ass! “” As I said. ”
“Yes, you said everything!” “Well?” “What, well?” “I can try this venture with Claire.”
I have something to tell you. ”
“What are you talking about?” “She does not want.
“” Do not want to have children? “” No, it’s not that.
She just does not want to be first.
She now has a good job with good grandmothers, her appearance means a lot, and this is not the right moment to get pregnant. “

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“So cool.
In fact, all this simply means that she does not want children.
Other things mean more to her. ”
“Well, this is not your business.”
As for Steve, he is not exactly rejecting you, he rejects the vagina altogether. ”
“Thanks, now I feel so much better.”
“To health.
But it seems to me that our plan flies to hell.
Complete shit. ”
“That’s for sure”.
“And I want children.
Here, shit. ”
“Double shit”.
Suspended silence.
“You know,” she began, and then fell silent.
For a minute, her eyes stared blankly through the cup of coffee on the table.
“Not that I want to be rejected, too, even in the name of aversion to the vagina, but still, why don’t you make such an obvious proposal?” “Make with you? That is, you? I mean, make an offer to you?” “You are very quick-witted.”
He shrugged.
“But the lot fell on Steve.
In any case, if you wanted it to be me, you would lie about the coin. ”
She bit her lip.
“And I lied.
Got tails.
But, you see, Steve is somehow more like a girl.
I thought I could imagine that he was still a young girl. ”
“With a very big clitoris.”
“Well, I decided to imagine that it would be a type of strap-on.
And honestly, I always liked you more.
you are so hairy
Like wool grows on you. ”
“I kinda heard that you like fur on your pussy.”
“That is another matter.
And generally, I prefer to call it “pussy.”
Tense silence.
Finally: “Steve everything, yes Steve.
Yes, he strips himself with wax every day. ”
She took his hand.
“Okay, do not be offended.
I didn’t mean to offend you. ”
“I understand”.
“By all means, it’s good that we considered this option.”
She put out the butt.
“Phew!” “By the way.
““ What, ”she looked up at him.
“And here we prefer to call it a” jolly little hole. ”
She grinned.
—————————- “Everything is covered,” she said.
“What all?” “Children.
Claire and me.
well, we parted. ”
Steve hasn’t said anything yet, but by his appearance everything is already clear. ”
“She has found a friend who does not think about any children.”
“And Steve seems to be looking for someone who does not force him to undress in front of a woman.”
“Forgive me too.
Shit, huh? ”“ Shit in a square, ”she confirmed.
He poured into glasses.
“Damn! Shnyaga!” “You will have a bad influence on children.
This whole non-normative. ”
“But, I think you will correct his vocabulary.”
“Or her vocabulary.”
“Well, for the child we never have.”
They knocked over, and he poured a new one.
“I told her that today I am ready to create a new life, but she took and left.”
“Steve is too cowardly to leave before he gets anyone else.”
“Well, for the ex.”
“Come on.”
There is a new bottle.
“And you know, you start to look like a nice guy,” he rejoiced.
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