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And now Vika got a little tense, but she became more and more excited and tried to breathe evenly so as not to give out her excitement.
Oleg pulled the anal plug from his pocket.
It was a metal toy with a large rhinestone, probably with a width of a member of Oleg.

He gently attached it to the wife’s anus.
Vika stiffened.
– Oleg, what are you up to? “You will carry this in yourself until I take it out of you.”
– Nooo, by no means.
– Yes, and you go through the evening without panties.
You removed all the hairs at the bottom, no one will notice.
You’ll also take off your bra, you’ll be in the same dress.
– Oleg gave instructions – No! – Vika screamed in fright, she was terrified at the prospect of walking in front of her sister’s husband in a translucent dress without underwear – Cover your nipples with soft flesh-colored linings and try not to spread your legs while sitting on the sofa under Misha.
– Oleg, they will immediately understand that there is nothing under the dress.
– Maybe they will understand.
– I will look like a prostitute, also with this thing in the ass.
– I do not know, I have not seen prostitutes for a long time.
But if you bend low, you can see the plug in the back.
– Maybe something else? – softened Vika.
Oleg sometimes offered her alternatives.
– Mmm.
No, we did not choose a dress for nothing.
You will go in it and without linen.
And instead of the gag, I give you the choice of playing with my sister.
– What? What do you mean play with your sister? – Ask your sister if she sucks her husband? Is it deep? She is likely to answer that is not deep and not often.
You will say that you love to suck my husband’s dick and swallow deeply, so that you lick your balls with your tongue when your cock is deep in your throat.
Then offer to come to us and see how you suck.
You say that you tie me and fasten your eyes.
And when you suck me at the very eggs, quietly offer her to try it herself.

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– What? – Vick recoiled from her husband.
– So I offered Ole you suck? You.
And if she offers me to suck her husband.
– I think Misha will like how you suck – Are you completely fucked up? – Vick stood in front of Oleg with an angry expression on his face – Well, your business to choose.
– Oleg answered calmly. – Well, the choice.

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Sui give it to me in the ass.
At first lick more.
And pisechki lick, and then provoke and quit.
I want to finish.
Vika was clearly intrigued by her husband’s alternative offer.
She was excited and was not at all against showing her sister a class.
The more she imagined it, the more she wanted it, she represented the wide eyes and the little sister’s mouth ajar from surprise.
Then she also presented a picture that Olya sucks Oleg, and she presses her sister on the back of the head so that she takes it deeper.
Vika brushed aside this idea, but then a new fantasy about how she herself sucks off her sister’s husband came to her head, and her sister’s husband lies blindfolded.
She again waved away fantasy, but she wanted to look at the other member, how he looks.
Oleg was her only man, even though he satisfied her completely and often brought her to a frenzy in sex, Vika still wanted to know what kind of man her sister had acquired.
And then Vika came up with the idea: “And why did my sister invite them to her so early? And about the panties did not discuss, which Oleg left.
What is she up to? ”In the meantime, Oleg gently stuck Vika into the stopper and already fucked the pussy measuredly, spreading her buttocks with her hands in order to better see the thing in his wife’s ass.
Then unceremoniously grabbed her hair, pulled his head to the penis and began to fuck in the mouth.
Oleg also went into fantasies about Olga and pulled his wife deeper, so she periodically choked and choked.
– Umf! Barkers! Tenderer.
– You need to train if you still decide to show your sister how big girls do.
You’re a big girl, are you? – Oleg said flingingly tightly holding her hair and sitting on the penis.
Vika mumbled something, looked her husband in the eyes and tried to take a member deeper.
– Relax your throat when taking, should be easier.
Try it yourself, I promise not to force.
Vika was excited by the idea that if she learns to suck deeply and effectively, then in the end she will suck off her husband when her sister.
– Forget your sister.
I will do it because I like it.
– said Vick removing the hand of her husband and continued to work with his mouth.
Vika began to diligently swallow as deep as possible, sometimes choking and often raising her eyes to her husband.
If Oleg had simply asked her about it, she would never have done it, but now she tried as never before and almost the entire term disappeared in her mouth. Free online sex games mobile.

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