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He slowly plunged a finger into me, caressing my clit with his tongue.
His finger moved so slowly that I felt every moment of the movement.
I felt my orgasm was close.

Dave licked me for half an hour.
“Lie on your back,” I told him.
I knelt above his face and immediately felt his tongue inside me.
It was so good! Reaching out, I tickled his cock with my nails, which jumped from this.
Dave went wild.
His language was everywhere.
This is amazing! Better than amazing! I felt the need for something bigger in my pussy than my tongue and moved from Dave’s face to his dick.
Swaying back and forth, I pressed my clitoris to his stomach.
I felt like he had finished, but continued to sway on him until she herself came to orgasm.
Resting, I lay down next to him.
“Are you ready?” – I asked.
A little later, “he replied dreamily.
He once admitted that he had a

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fantasy that I forced him to lick myself after sex.
It was just a fantasy, but today it has become a reality.
I got up and plopped on his face.
His tongue began to lick me, cleaning out everything that he left there.
“Like?” “Yes,” he replied.
“You’re a good pussy lick.”
These were leatherette knickers with nylon straps on the hips.
I tightened the straps.
My cock was eight inches tall – just a giant.

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And Dave had to take it in his mouth, and then take it in the ass.
I saw Dave’s eyes as he looked at me as I stroked my cock.
He was enchanted.
Time to tame Dave! “Come here – lick my dick.”
He crawled up and started driving his tongue around my dick.
“Do you want to suck him?” – I asked.
“Open your mouth”.
Dave opened his mouth and I put my head on his tongue.
He looked at me like a dog, expressing great pleasure and extreme impatience.
“Suck,” I whispered, to his satisfaction.
His head swayed and jumped, dropping pretty deep.
I started to rock my hips, fucking his mouth.
Finally, I decided that it was time to deprive him of virginity.
“Bring some grease,” I told him.
He closed his eyes and moaned slightly.
Squeezing a large dose of grease on my fingers, I leaned over to lubricate his ass.
Dave arched his back.
“You want this, don’t you?” I pressed my fingers into his ass, at the same time pushing a member deeper into his mouth.
He really wanted it, but I wanted the same.
With a pop, I pulled my cock out of his mouth and slapped him on the ass.
Dave lowered his head and bent his back harder.
His ass has become so open and inviting.
I wanted to tease him, so I deliberately left and took the condom.
I put it on my dick (I liked to think of him as my dick) so that Dave could see it.
Then I walked over to Dave.
I stroked the head on his ass, from time to time resting his head on his anus.
What a sexy feeling – stroking my dick, looking at the thirsty slut.
It so excited me.
But still I was going to fuck him.
I pressed the head to his anus and pressed a little.
Dave groaned.
Then he pressed his hips and all eight inches of a member filled his ass.
Then he really groaned! I stretched my dick three or four inches and pushed back with a wet, squish.
I saw how his anus wrapped around my cock and wondered if it was the same with my own pussy when he fucked me. Gta sex game online.

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