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Eli began to kiss her, but he had a feeling that he was kissing a log.
– Eliya, I’m sorry.
I cant.

– Voronitsa turned away from him.
“Okay,” Eliya whispered, got up and left.
Voronitsa was swaying on the bed.
Soon the door opened, and three elderly men entered the room, followed by Elijah.
“Woman,” one of them said imperiously, with very bad pronunciation (he spoke her language) “Do you know why we are here?” – Not.
– quietly said Voronitsa.
– And do not break the language.
I speak Elsodian.
– Eliyadzha Black just told us that you, being his property, refused him sex.
This is true? “Yes,” she whispered.
– Eliyadzha Black, Els asked, – are you sure about your decision? Eliya nodded.
“All right, woman, follow us.”
“No,” Eliya stepped forward.
I’ll do it myself.
The Elsa nodded and left.
Elijah took Voronitsa by the hand and pulled him along.
She obeyed.
She first went beyond the ship.
They were at the base.
Eli led her through some dark corridor and stopped at a round transparent booth.
“This is a teleparter,” said Elijah, “he will send you to Earth.”
Voronitsa sobbed.
– Do not cry, darling.
“Eliya, I don’t understand,” Voronitsa looked into his eyes, “do you want to let me go?” – Yes.
– he said.
– I shouldn’t have taken you here, forgive me.
– Not! – She exclaimed, – It was going to happen.
I do not regret anything.
He wanted to say something, but she was ahead of him.
– Elijah.
I have to say.
I have a feeling, Bud, I’m pregnant.
Eliya hugged her to him.
– More than anything, I would like to have children from you.
“Elijah put her river on her belly.”

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– I do not know for sure.
– Shh.
he whispered.
– you’re confusing me with a man again.
I am Els.
I can feel the heartbeat.
– he closed his eyes, – Yes.
There is.
One small.
– he looked at her.
– We have twins, Voronitsa.
Voronitsa smiled through tears.
– Promise me that if you do not forget me, then when you are on Earth, you will surely find me – I promise.
he whispered.
Voronitsa dug into his lips.
“Why did this old man call you Eliadge?” – asked Voronitsa already from the teleportor.
“Elijah is short for Elijage.”
My full name is Eliyadzha Black.
He smiled and pressed a button.
The last thing Voronitsa saw before finding herself at home was Elaya’s smile.
The smile of Els, her Els.
Arwen awoke to wild pain.
Apparently, on the eve of it she was hit hard on the head.
She looked around and saw that she was chained to a wall.
Somewhere were heard the rough voices of orcs.
On the eve of Sauron, the sovereign of darkness won in the last battle of Middle-earth, which means that the era of humans and elves is over.
Arwen was surprised that she was left alive at all.
Suddenly, Arwen heard some unfamiliar voice, apparently it was the voice of Sauron.
The voices of the orcs were approaching, and soon she saw two nasty faces.
“Release her and go,” said one of the orcs.
The second approached Arwen and set her free.
() He grabbed her hair, approached her ear and whispered in a low, coarse voice: “You are honored to see the Great Dark Lord of Sauron himself.”
Come on! He pushed Arwen and they led her right along a dark corridor.
One of the orcs roughly struck Arwen in the ass, from which she screamed.
She was led into a dark room, lit only by the light of two torches.
“Ahhh, elf princess, welcome,” said a tall dark figure, “and you two, get out!” – he ordered two orcs.
– What do you want from me? I will never accept your rule, it is better to die! Shouted Arwen.
Sauron went up to Arwen and grabbed her chin.
“You know what I have dreamed of all my life,” he leaned over Arwen’s ear and continued, “fuck the

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elf princess.”
With these words, he dug in a passionate kiss.
His tongue roughly penetrated Arwen’s mouth.
At first she wanted to bite him, but then she suddenly felt a surge of excitement and responded to the kiss.
Sauron continued his actions.
He rudely touched Arwen’s chest. Hd sex live video.

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