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The house, of course, made an impression.
A large area, a lot of tall towers, the largest – five floors – the height of the house itself, all this delighted with its beauty, some openwork, and at the sight of this castle, I wanted to say – the palace.
The girls invited us inside.

The interior also delighted us.
The abundance of glass, weightless thin metal structures gave the impression of the fantasticness of the interior of the palace.
Everywhere there was a home appliances in the form of musical gadgets, huge TV screens and the like.
It is true that we were not invited to the living room.
The girls settled down next to a gorgeous couch, offering us to sit down in front of the chairs facing us.
They played with us.
Innocent flirting, casually shown hips, a little vulgar jokes with them, and as soon as we realized that it was possible, and from our side, it all inflamed us in earnest.
But nothing we shone.
We talked very well, talked to the girls, but at four o’clock in the morning they gently let us out, though with a promise to meet tomorrow.
They asked Irma and Ingrid to hold us, smacked us in the cheek goodbye and left.
Irma and Ingrid immediately appeared at the door and led us to the exit.
It was not far to go from the house to

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the gate, but for some reason the bodyguards took us there.
We did not go long, and came to the tennis court.
– Why are we here? I asked, puzzled.
– So, boys, now listen to me, – “iron” Ingrid has closed with itself an exit from a court zone fenced by a grid-rabitsy a zone of court.
– Today we watched for a long time how you are having fun with our wards.
And we want to tell you that we will not allow offending them.
And you will never touch them with your dirty paws, it is clear to you? – Why is this? – Vasya could not stand it, and wound up.
– We like them! Why can’t we communicate with them? And, in my opinion – they liked us too! – Because, we do not like you! – rammed “steel” Irma.

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And you’d better not go to them, never appear here at all, understand? And not that we otmodehaem on the first number! – Oh, how! Let me.
find out if we don’t want to listen to you? And come? – I asked, letting the voice of sarcasm.
“Then it will be this,” with these words, Irma hit me in the chest.
Rather, I tried to do it, because I was not there.
Her palm whistled right next to my body, but touched it.
However, this did not stop the bodyguard.
With her other hand she tried to slap me on the cheek, to which I framed my elbow and received a sensitive blow to it.
While we stopped, looking at each other, I am apprehensive of the next action, Irma – with dumbing respect.
And beside him, Basil also fought off Ingrid, but with a red cheeks, and Ingrid – holding on to his own.
In general, they did not calm down.
We had a little more madness, women attacked us, we fought back with varying success until we got tired of it.
At one moment, having caught the eye of my friend, I entered the clinch and had a good throw that knocked the spirit out of Irma. Vasya had put her opponent close by.
– All right, good.
We have agreed to? – I asked, holding the fluttering Irma in the grip.
At this moment I was overwhelmed by wild excitement.
She was good! Nestaraya is also an aunt, muscular, without a single drop of fat, with a short haircut in white, with regular features, she made an impression.
Thin lips are compressed into a strip, eyes sparkle – great! During the fight, she tore her top and her left breast was barely covered.
It blew my roof off.
I put a kiss on her lips.
Of course, they were compressed, but when I stuck out my tongue, they suddenly opened.
Towards popped her brisk and sharp tongue.
She answered! Irma significantly relaxed and I loosened my control.
We kissed passionately, fighting with tongues, she was sweet.
I finally let her go, not expecting a trick.
Suddenly she twisted and turned me over, riding me, pressing my arms up.
My cock was under her hips, she actually sat on carrying her crotch.
It seemed my dick was bursting with blood that was overwhelming him.
Irma grinned and said: – Well, puppy, beat me? – I shrugged, surrendering to the flow.
– Yes, of course, I won! – With these words, she again pressed to my lips.
Her hips began to crawl over me, rubbing the penis up and down.
I could not bear it anymore and finished, shaking with my hips, finished right about in panties, like a teenager! Irma looked up from my lips and looked at me in surprise: – What, are you already? Damn, babe, – she stretched in disappointment.
– And so wanted.
“Wait, I will be soon,” I exclaimed.
– Shut up, let’s see for now, – and Irma showed at the other fighters, about five meters away from us. Hidden cam anal sex.

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