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A small company gathered – four guys and Olga.
We stopped at a bench on the alley near the theater.
At that time, in front of the park near the TUZ, several stalls were selling beer freely.

We did not hurry anywhere this time.
We drank at first, then ran for the supplement, then again: There were a lot of people around us.
About a hundred meters from the alley, where our bench stood, a group of girls drank beer.
Closer to them were located thick bushes trimmed under one level.
Young women loudly discussed something, laughed.
I noted that two girls had moved away from the general group and headed for the bushes.
After they turned to face each other and simultaneously sat down at the bushes, immediately lost sight of.
“It’s time for pretty women to pee” – I thought to myself.
A minute later, both also synchronously, as if on cue, they got up and, straightening their clothes, headed back to the general company.
We drank beer at the bench, and only Olga sat on the bench.
We stood around.
Periodically, one of them went to the nearest stalls and bought beer for the whole company.
An hour later, the drunk beer began to give strong signals in our bladders.
There was not even a hint of a public toilet around.
The guys and I chose a place next to a blank wall and retreated there in pairs at that time.
how the other two remained to entertain Olga.
The place near the wall was far from ideal for meeting the needs, as people constantly sauntered along the path.
It didn’t bother us much, because, firstly, these people didn’t work in the police, and secondly, we stood facing the wall and seemed to ourselves completely protected.
“Party” continued. Hidden cam masturbation videos.

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