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Nastya quickly pulled away and opened her mouth wide, began to breathe deeply.
Well done.
From the first, not everyone succeeds, but you will learn, – Andrew reassured.

Nastya licked her lips again bent over the head of a man.
Do not rush.
Do not try to swallow it.
Men still have many erogenous zones, – Andrei said calmly.
Nastya understood what he was talking about and licked the trunk to the testicles.
Licking them alternately, she moved lower and parted his buttocks, reached out with her tongue to the rose of the anus.
You clever.
Make it so that I finish on your face, – asked Andrew and taking a touch of his hand Nastya put it on the trunk.
Nastya began to lick the anus of a man and masturbate his dick.
After what she had done before, Andrew could not hold back for long.
His body tensed, the trunk began to pulsate and Nastya tilted his penis toward her face.
The first jet hit her on the cheek, the next hit her lips.
The rest are randomly distributed throughout the face and neck.
Nastya was so excited by this sight that as soon as she touched her clitoris with her fingers, she immediately experienced an orgasm.
In a fit of orgasm, she clutched her head with her lips and began to lick her, but Andrew stopped her.
Don’t, not now, ”he said sharply.
At that moment, the door opened and naked Valya entered the shower.
She slowly helped Nastia to her knees and began to lick her face.
Licking a man’s sperm, Valya kissed her sister on the lips, cheeks, neck.
Then she put her hand between her sister’s legs and wetting her middle finger with secretions, brought it to Andrei’s lips.
The man licked his finger and began to kiss Valentina’s hand.
But Valya removed her hand and helped her sister rise.
Go to yourself, ”whispered Vale Nastya softly.
The girl on her legs walking out of the shower.
As soon as the door closed behind Nastya, Valya removed the blindfold from Andrei.

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How are you, my surprise? – sproisla Valya.
Awesome! – the man answered.
Are you happy? Of course! So now it’s my turn to get satisfaction? – smiling said Valya.
Anything! – said Andrew, stroking the heavy chest of Valentina.
Wash yourself and come to the bedroom.
– Valentine said, getting up.
Valentina herself wiped with a towel, came out of the shower, wagging her ass along the way.
Entering her sister’s room, she found Nastya looking for things.
Are you going somewhere? – asked Valya.
Nastya got a little lost her mind.
I thought that you want to be two, – answered Nastya.
Stupid! Everything interesting is just beginning.
Take a shower and dress this one here, ”Valya said, pointing to a bag with red linen.
Valentine went out and went to her room.
Her wet pussy demanded affection, but she did not touch her specifically, anticipating what Andrei would do to her.
Wearing only white stockings and a belt for stockings, Valya put on her heels and lay down on the bed, waiting for her lover.
Andrei did not take long to wait.
Literally a minute later, a man entered Valentina’s bedroom.
He was completely naked, and his mighty cock rotated parallel to the floor.
Come to me, my “lion”! – quietly whispered Valya, calling his finger.
The man approached in bed and knelt before her.
Picking up Valentina’s leg, he began to kiss her gently.
His lips slid on nylon, rising up.
Valentina did not rush him, knowing that soon his lips would be on the lips of her wet slits.
Andrew got to the thigh and turned the woman on his stomach, lifted her by the hips, trying to kiss her buttocks, moving towards the hollow between them.
Valya graciously bent and spread her hips wider, opening the man access to her holes and allowing him to choose from which caress to start.
At this time, Nastya timidly entered the room, wearing a red set of underwear and ordinary slippers, but did not dare to disturb her sister and Andrew quietly left.
– “Let now Valyuha have fun.
She deserved it, ”Nastya thought and returned to her room.
To be continued.
On Friday morning, Misha needed to leave early, and he woke me up, as always, by poking a member on the lips.
I woke up

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sleepily, bath foam, apparently relaxed well, I and I slept soundly.
– Is Christina at home? – I asked.
“She wrote to me that she would spend the night with friends and be closer to dinner at home,” said Misha, inserting the member until it stops, without even letting me open my mouth completely.
In my position, dick sucking was impossible, so he slowly fucked me in the mouth.
A few minutes later he pulled out a member, pulled me out of bed and put me in my submissive position, on my knees in front of him. Hidden camera sex new.

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