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Nastya got up from her chair and walked over to Vale.
Valya took her hand and pulled it down.
Nastya picked up a dress and knelt down.

Valya leaned toward her ear.
Do like me.
With these words, Val leaned over and began to kiss a member of a man along the entire length.
Nastya doubted, but the water she drank from the glass contained a solution of aphrodisiac and soon Nastya followed the example of her sister.
The soft tender flesh moistened with her sister’s saliva was pleasant to the touch.
There were no reject smells.
On the contrary, the smell emanating from the body of a man was only even more fascinating.
Nastya closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue and began to lick the barrel and head of the penis.
The man was breathing faster, but he did not attempt to grab the girl’s head and plant it on his trunk entirely.
He enjoyed the caresses of his goddesses.
The intoxicating smell, which emanated from the man’s sexual organ, stupefied the girl’s head and so intoxicated with the stimulating solution.
Her breathing was interrupted, the dress seemed tight and squeezing her chest.
Valya noticed her sister’s arousal and gently pushed her away from the trunk.
Clasping the trunk at the base, Valya pulled the flesh so that the thin skin covering the member of the male stack like parchment, and the veins bulged.
Lick the head, tongue, – said Valya.
Nastya bowed and held.
tongue on the head.
The member jerked in Valentina’s hand.
Then licked again.
Valentina collected the second hand in the palm of her hand,

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rather large testicles and intercepting them at the base of the penis pulled it slightly down.
And now clasp his lips, – advised Valya.
Nastya with her mouth wide open, she missed the head between the lips and grabbed the trunk of a man.
Andrey’s head rested against Nastya’s sky.
Take your time, honey, ”Valentina whispered in her ear,“ Today he is ours, and we are his. ”

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Nastya, having closed her lips, stretched back and her head, parting and sliding on her lips, appeared from her mouth.
Then Nastya opened her mouth again and again clutching the trunk began to pull it out.
“Now just suck it, since you sucked my clit,” said Valya.
Memories broke into the memory of the girl and she began to lick and suck the head and part of the trunk.
Then Valya took the sister’s palm and laid it on the drawn testicles.
Velvet stretched skin so nicely fell into the palm that Nastya stopped for a moment, looked at this bag, and then leaned over and licked it.
Then again.
Seeing how Nastya was fascinated by caressing her testicles, Valya leaned over and opened her lips, began to plunge the trunk into her throat.
Gradually relaxing the throat muscles, Valentine dipped the barrel of a man.
Putting themselves on him time after time, Valya absorbed more and more and in a few minutes, the woman’s lips touched the globally shaved pubis and the lips of her sister, who was kissing the testicles.
Apparently Valentina did not calculate the dose, and Nastya completely stopped being ashamed.
Freeing Andrei’s member from captivity, Valya noticed that her sister passionately caressed the man’s anus with her tongue, from which he even raised her hips.
The man was hard to hold back.
Breathing quickened and became intermittent.
Valentina understood that if she didn’t stop her sister now, Andrei could finish and splash Nastya’s all hair.
Honey, do not hurry.
– Valentina stopped her sister.
– Undress completely.
Nastya did not even oppose.
She quickly threw the dress over her head, then the underwear, and remained only in stockings and stilettos.
Darling, so as not to happen, do not take off the bandage until I tell you.
Good? – asked Valentine Andrew.
The man nodded.
Valentina took Andrew by the hand and transplanted into a chair.
Then gently lifted his hips and laid on the armrests, opening access to his penis, testicles and back hole.
Well, now he is yours.
You really liked to caress his hole? Keep going
Make sure that he does not restrain himself and filled you with sperm.
– Valentine said, leaning toward her sister and kissing her lips.
Nastya knelt in front of the open crotch of a man and arched graciously in the back, dived her face between Andrew’s buttocks.
Sticking out the tongue, Nastya energetically began to caress the hole already examined earlier.
The man did not show discontent, but only sometimes held his breath when Nastya’s tongue penetrated deep enough.
Valentina, looking at her sister, smiled and crouched on the side of Andrei, began to masturbate his dick.
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