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And in order to somehow abstract from kinship, I connected the imagination and imagined.
or even better to say, mentally attached to old men the pussies of the muzzle.
It turned out such a dog’s mating.

It only remained! think up the tail of the wheel and I am sure you would like it for sure! I forgot to say, dog love turns me pretty powerful.
I hope you are not against such sexual fantasies.
Once there were two peasants, they plowed their land and went to sow rye.
An old man walks by, walks up to one peasant and says: – Hello, man! – Hello, old man! – What are you sowing? – Rye, grandfather.
– Well, God help you, give birth to your rye is high and full of grain! The elder comes up to another peasant: – Hello, man.
What are you sowing? – What you need to know! I sow x.
– Well, you originate x.
and! The old man left, and the men sowed rye, took it in and left for home.
How did spring become, but did it rain? The first man had rye grown and thick and big, and all the other man’s got another.
and the redheads, and so all the tithe and occupied: and nowhere to step down, all x.
and! The men came to see how their rye had risen; for one, the spirit will not rejoice, looking at its own lane, and for another, the heart will stop: “What,” thinks, “will I be tepering to do with such devils?” They waited for the men – that was when the life came, they left for the field: one began to reap rye, and the other one looked – he had s on his strip.
and yard one and a half.

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Redheads are standing for themselves, like poppy blooms.
So the peasant gazed, peered, shook his head, and drove back home; and when he arrived, he collected the knives, sharpened him more sharply, took with him the threads and paper, and again returned to his tithe, and began to s.
and cut away.
Cut the pair, wrap it in paper, tie it with a good thread and

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put it in a cart.
Cut everything and drove to the city to sell.
“Yes,” he thinks, “I’m lucky to see if I’m not selling a fool like a couple!” Lucky down the street and screaming at the top of his lungs: – Does anyone need x?
ev, x
ev, x
ev! I have glorious sales x.
and! She heard one lady, sends a maid girl: – Come on, quickly ask what this guy sells? The girl ran out: – Listen, man! What are you selling? – X.
and madam! She comes back to the room and is ashamed of the lady to say: – Tell me, you fool! – says the lady, – do not be ashamed! Well, what is he selling? “Why, madam, he, the scoundrel, x.”
and sells! – Eka fool! Run quickly, catch up and try to cheat me, what will he take with me for a couple? The girl turned up a peasant and asked: – What is a couple worth? – Yes, without bargaining a hundred rubles.
As soon as the girl said about that mistress, she immediately took out a hundred rubles.
“On,” he says, “come and see, choose which are better, longer and thicker.”
The girl brings the money to the peasant and asks: “Just please, little man, give me some better ones.”
– They are all my good bred! The maid took a couple of good x.
Eve, brings and gives mistress; she looked and it seemed to her.
“He shoots his head where it is, and they don’t climb.”
“What did the man say to you,” she asks the girl, “how to command them so that they act?” – Did not say anything, madam.
– Eka you’re a fool! Go ask now.
She ran back to the peasant: – Listen, man, tell me how to command your goods so that you can act? And the man says: – If you give me another hundred rubles, I will say so! Maid rather to the mistress: – So and so, the gift does not tell, madam, and asks for another hundred rubles.
– Such a thing and for two hundred rubles to buy – not expensive! Indian live adult chat.

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