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And suddenly, with horror, she felt the priest’s organ swell and grow in size.
The girl froze in alarm, and the inquisitor triumphantly extracted a thick, sparkling from moisture member that stretched parallel to the floor; from the poured head to the full lips of Laura stretched pearl string of saliva.
– You see! There is a demon in you! Fortunately, he is not very strong, but

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not so weak.

A weak demon has to make long efforts to prove himself.
In you.
Hmm, this is probably a demon.
Will I drive him out? Or do not bother and give this body to fire ?.
Laura sobbed, screamed, and passionately hugged his knees.
– OK OK.
Do not cry, – the inquisitor disgustedly removed the maiden from himself.
– There is a way.
My personal know-how.
He squatted down and put his hand on the plump crotch of a novice.
Having removed the ribbon of the strings, with his middle finger he began to smooth the gap between the closed smooth, tender, big sexual lips.
– But answer me first: did you pass the initiation ceremony? “Yes,” the tear-stained girl nodded, and her poured tits nodded synchronously.
– The nuns chose the longest and thickest candle.

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They drove with a sweep.
My virgin blood took the whole cell.
“All right,” the inquisitor’s finger instantly slid into a slightly damp inside.
“Dirty hole,” rolling his eyes, he suddenly whispered and licked his lips.
– Gate of Satan.
Tell me, Laura, did you repeat the experience with the candle? The girl looked away and whispered: – No.
– You’re lying.
At the mention of a candle, your discharge flowed over mine.
Vagina instantly answered him with moisture.
“I mean, I’m not alone,” Laura began crying, moving the inquisitor’s finger in sync with the movement of the inquisitor’s finger.
– Neighbor girls don’t love me for my beauty.
At every opportunity, they throw me on my back, make me kiss their pussy babes passionately, and put all kinds of things into me.
– Do you feel something at that moment? Laura looked at him like an imbecile: – Of course, I feel! Orgasm.
The inquisitor sighed and pulled a finger from her, richly stained with vaginal secretions: “And so the demon entered you.”
Girlfriends pumped it to you.
The devil, remember, always comes through the pussy.
Oddly enough – the same for men.
He carefully wiped his fingers with golden curls of Laura.
– There is one way, my personal invention.
But this method is very strong, and if it does not help, then you will have to climb on a fire without any investigation and second chances.
Agree? – Oh, I agree! “Good,” the Inquisitor decided.
– Listen.
What exactly will not survive the demon? Definitely – Heaven.
It is necessary to bring you to Heaven, as a demon willfully go out and fall into the abyss.
“That is, after all, a bonfire,” said Laura. Indian model naked video.

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