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She opened her eyes, firmly wrapped her arms around her husband, who was seizing her, while he pressed her against the bed again and erupted as deeply as possible.
With one hand he held his weight, placing it next to the beautiful face of Ulyana, while the other grabbed her chest and squeezed it gently.
The bliss of satisfaction kept Ulyana captive for a long time, she allowed him to find his hot lips and hug him tightly, almost to the impossibility of breathing.

After he stroked her hair, whispered words of love and gratitude.
At night, lying in the arms of her husband, Uliana pondered what feelings coexist.
in her.
She was dependent on the feeling that gave her the body of a man, the feeling of being filled with hot, firm flesh, the sensations of his strong, powerful arms, a large and strong palm, almost clinging to her small breasts.
Vladislav fully owned her body, do not let her move, elude him when she began to wriggle under his pressure.
When her

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bosom, brought to exhaustion, squeezed so hard that his body stopped hard to strike her, the prince grabbed her shoulders and moved as deep as possible into her flesh, giving her time to calm down.
Did she love him? Not.
She wanted to connect their bodies, she allowed him to love herself, to possess her body, giving carnal pleasure.
The sight of his stiffened body that rose up sent incredible sensations to her body, awakening a strong thirst between her legs.
Yes, Uliana loved his body, but Asya was the most dear to her.
With Vladislav she received carnal pleasure, with Asya carnal and spiritual.
In the mornings, she always came to Asya’s room, hugged her and kissed her.
But there were always a lot of people around, in the house, they were afraid that they would be caught, and only fleeting touches allowed themselves.

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Asia prepared her broths from the herbs extracted by her, and Uliana obediently accepted them, fearing to be carried.
Under the suggestion of a friend, she was afraid of pregnancy, childbirth, and also she did not want to deprive herself of enjoying the love that Vladislav and Asya gave her body.
Bringing the decoction, Asia gently stroked her lover on the shoulders, neck, promising her a happy life, full of pleasure and bliss, not to mention the fear she really feels.
The fear that the child will bind Ulyana to her husband, that he will tear the girls out of her arms forever.
After all, to see Ulyana with a stomach would mean to recognize that she belongs to a man.
The first night was given to them only six weeks after the wedding, when the prince went to Kiev.
He wanted to take his wife with him, but Uliana said the patient.
Vladislav was hard to part with, but she promised to miss him and wait for his return.
That same night, Assiya remained in the bedroom of the prince and princess.
As soon as the door was locked, Asya grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the bed, removing her clothes from her and herself.
Half-naked, they stopped by the bed and began to kiss hotly.
Asya hugged the princess’s thighs and began to greedily iron and squeeze them.
The bottom shirt was lifted up to the waist, while dark hands clasped Ulyana’s strong buttocks, pulling her body to Asya’s body, her tongue slipping over her lips and her beloved chin.
“My dear, how did I miss you,” Asya whispered in a hoarse voice, “I miss you so much.”
I almost forgot the feeling of your lips, your skin.
Both girls experienced unearthly bliss from the contact of bodies.
In impatience, Ulyana leaned back on the bed, and Asya bent over her, not tearing her lips from her, and, clasping her chest, pressed to the bed.
Once upstairs, Asya eagerly began to caress the snow-white body.
Ulyana screamed a little when a friend tried to bite her shoulder, and immediately laughed.
Asya was like a hungry beast, having seized upon the body she needed so much.
Her caresses were almost forced, Ulyana tried several times to resist the onslaught, until the red-hot body was on her, pressing down with each cell, pressing down with all her weight, and Asya did not stick at her lips.
Their love has never been so violent, their lips frantically touching everything they could reach — faces, hands, shoulders, breasts.
At some point, Asya lifted herself over Ulyana so that her large dark nipples only slightly touched her breast. Indian wife webcam sex.

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