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Do you understand me? – Everything, I went, tomorrow morning, call up with this your Tengiz and solve his problem so that the problems do not arise with us.
After my boss left, Katya became very lively, and pounced on me with questions: – What is your advantageous offer? – You understand, Katya, we are talking about a deal, about which not only in our region, but also in Moscow, many people dream.
With this money you can, for example, go somewhere in Spain, buy a bungalow, put money in a bank, become a rentier and never work again.

And the customers want the contract to go not through Ivanovich, but through me.
– What kind of customers are these? What kind of Tengiz? Is it by chance not the one with which we are ?.
– That one, that one.
I met him again in the case.
And he said that he would give me a contract, but on one condition.
Kate breathed deeply, it was clear that she was very worried: – What condition? – This condition is you.
Tengiz wants to continue the friendship with our family, he really liked us, especially you, of course.
In my opinion, this is our chance, Katyusha.
My wife sat down on my knees, snuggled, and buried her face in my chest began to speak somehow very hotly, breathing deeply: – You, you know, I did not want to tell you.
Today Tengiz came to my job, he somehow found out where I work.
I was very worried, and he sat in my office and told how he missed me.
Several times I tried to tell him that he did not distract me from my affairs and left, but he seemed not to hear me. Latina webcams big ass.

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