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All were dressed not in traditional armor, but in wolf and bear skins.
Take off your clothes, – Natalia told me.
I did not understand.

Take off your clothes – she repeated once more.
The fighters began to chuckle already.
I began to untie the shell, intending to remove the chain mail and the stegach.
Today is the Night of the Night, in honor of Veles – speaking to the others, she said.
I already “scored on everything” and ordered everyone to carry out her orders.
After 15 minutes, everyone, pulling off the armor and underwear, stood at attention.
Without embarrassment, the girls threw the skins on the ground and approached us.
On this day, the day of the struggle of the two forces, remembering our brothers of the heavenly werewolves, honored Veles – said Natalia.
At the same time, wild cries were heard, fires flared with a vengeance, shadows flashed among the trees.
The girls, having disassembled the guys (to be honest, like animals in the market), wandered around the clearing, for it was considerable.
Natalya, coming up to me, pressed her whole body, which is why I felt a hot wave rise inside me, took my hand and led me to the near birch.
While walking, I heard her whisper: “Be a warrior, worthy of wearing the seal of Perun, beat me on the couch, let your seed flow into me, and spear pierce me, take me a roar.
From these words, I was very excited.
Once on the spot, she knocked me down and pressed her lips to my cock, quivering from the tension.

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As her lips slid along the trunk, I involuntarily began to moan.
But I did not want to play a passive role, I, with a sharp movement, knocked Natasha onto my back and with a hot kiss I dug into her neck.
Descending below to the often sweeping hills of the chest, I alternately caressed the nipples, which sharply raised from such manipulations.
Then my mouth stuck to the hole in her deep well, reveling in the life-giving vaginal moisture.
Take me, take me – she cried wildly.
And I threw my dick into it all the way with one blunder.
Natasha gasped wildly and began sharply podmahivat me.
I moved hard and rhythmically, but, unable to bear it, I splashed the first one.
She felt a wild

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geyser of fiery moisture exploding inside her, jerked, and her vagina began to rapidly contract, squeezing all the juices out of my penis.
Natasha, in exhaustion, rolled over onto her stomach.
At this time, I, already recovering, sent my spear to her pumped up ass, and with sharp movements began to push it.
She screamed wildly, jerked, but with my considerable weight (I did not take hilyaks into infantry) I pressed her to the ground.
Natashka suffered not for long, due to the fact that she sharply squeezed her ass, preventing me, I quickly finished and, leaving her to lie down in exhaustion, went through the thicket.
In the clearing, I discovered a wondrous sight: naked girls were dancing around the fire, posing for some puny boy.
Having noticed me and the clan tattoo on my body, he quickly disappeared.
And they, in turn, stared at me, in anticipation of the unknown.
Having already figured out the local mentality, I moved across the center without hesitation, jumped over the fire, and running my fingers into the juicy vagina of an average beauty, which caused her to squeak, threw her down and slammed her cock.
Less than 7 minutes later, as she huddled in convulsions, I took my instrument out of her “sheath” and headed for the other three girls.
Sharply knocking one of them on all fours, I growled, thrust a member into her vagina and began to move.
At the same time, another one fell on me, and the rest began to fuck her hand in time with my frictions. Live sex on the stage.

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