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I also felt the bump of the head swelling the bottom of my elastic belly from the pubis to the navel and back.
I do not even remember at what point the desire to strengthen my arousal appeared.
She began to do it timidly, and then more and more frankly.

True, the movements were still inept, they went by inertia.
It’s just that the body has become more confident in responding to penis jerks in the vagina.
At first it was expressed in the fact that I began to rest for a second or two with my clitoris on the director’s pubis.
Then this movement was added (by itself!), That I began to raise my ass rhythmically when a member entered me completely.
Somewhere in the background in my head was the thought that this is after all the real sexual intercourse, and not just my next masturbation act.
What about the real act I often dreamed of, making the clitoris pleasant with fingers.
The member slid and slid in a narrow vagina for him.
And this sliding of him, the pushes of the hairy male pubis into my hairy pubis unnoticed by me, led to the fact that she was very excited and began to experience increasing enjoyment.
Emotions? Yes, they, too, soon overwhelmed.
I didn’t know what it was from, but I wildly wanted to continue! And that is why I, without even wiping my face, began to suck, smacking my lips blissfully.
With one hand I podrachivala member, and the second continued to caress myself, already anticipating a close orgasm.
But this time all my attention was directed to this proudly standing dick.
I sucked, licked, teased my tongue.
Now and then she looked at Oleg, feeling his inseparable gaze on him.
And it

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all turned me on.
And when my orgasm came, so did the tower demolish me.
It finally began to spit on the neighbors.
I do not care that someone can pry.
On the contrary – I savored this opportunity, reveling in it.
Just watching and not saying anything means that they are more than pleased with the sight! I grabbed a member with both hands and began to literally sit down on it with my mouth, doing everything that came to mind.
Beat a member of her slapped cheeks, licked eggs, took her cheek, sucked, staring intently into the eyes of her boyfriend.
In short, I tried everything I’ve ever seen in porn movies.
And I must say, for the first time in my life, I really enjoyed being on my knees in front of a guy! I liked how his dick fills my mouth! It gave me incredible pleasure to suck it! Although in my thoughts constantly slipped the thought of exactly where I was doing it.

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Usually, Oleg finished about five minutes, but then I had to really try.
The guy moaned, as, however, I, every now and then running my hand between my legs, lubricating his dick with new portions of my juices, but this was the limit.
But I had no thoughts about how to make Oleg come to an end.
I just wanted to give him an unforgettable suction.
So I just enjoyed it, played my own and his pleasure, while the spicy smell of semen made my head tighter and harder.
And, as it turned out, not in vain.
This time, Oleg grabbed my hair and, forcing me to lift my face up, I lowered my face a second time.
This time he did it more precisely, covering my face with a new portion of odorous sperm and immediately drove my penis between my lips so that I collected the rest.
– Wow! – he said hoarsely, while I diligently “cleaned” his trunk began to fall off.
– What has found you, Alenka !? – Yes, yes.
– I allowed the phrase to hang in the air, again leaning on the guy’s dick, but it quickly became clear to me – it’s useless to count on more today.
Dick faded before my eyes, clearly making it clear that he had shot everything that happened.
And then the elevator suddenly came to life, having gone somewhere.
I instantly jumped to my feet.
Inside, all the former fears immediately came to life.
Yes, and Oleg, looking at me, immediately pulled back his jeans, in a record time managing the lightning.
We ran up the stairs like a bullet.
He is down, away from the entrance, I am to myself, to the shelter of my own walls.
I ran into the apartment, trying to close the door behind me as quietly as possible.
And already inside I heard how the elevator stopped somewhere upstairs.
Toli where we were with Oleg, toli floor above.
That’s just, as it turned out, my little adventure is not over yet. Livejasmin l.

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